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I have lots of experience wearing wigs and hairpieces. I love wearing wigs and I have lots of fun with it.

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Yaffa wigs

Started by Leslie Mader. Last reply by Rose Oct 18, 2014. 3 Replies

What are Yaffa wigs? I have a Follea Gripper Sport and like it but it was quite the process getting it to look like me. I'm waiting on my Freedom Wig from New Zealand. I hope it's easier to style…Continue

Yaffa Wigs

Started by Wendy. Last reply by Marsha Lampert MBA MS Jan 27, 2013. 2 Replies

Has anyone ever tried Yaffa Wigs? A lot of people seem to really like them.

New wig Appt

Started by Smiley. Last reply by lovemyhair Jan 1, 2013. 4 Replies

Hi all, well its that day we all dread, so many choices, and which choice is the right one. Can anyone offer any advice on the pros-cons of Lace top wigs, as ive only had monafilament. Any advice…Continue

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Comment by Pamela McGruder on May 21, 2014 at 9:12pm
I make my own wigs now

Quick weaves
Comment by Rose Marie' on January 28, 2013 at 1:54pm

You are right - that light blonde short wig (the one with Libby wearing a wee beanie type hat). Was processed by us (me actually) after we received the wig. That Freedom Wig arrived to us totally unprocessed and unstyled. You can colour a Freedom Wig if you want but they recommend you don't do this excessively as all processing does weaken the hair (it's up to you though). (That particular wig was a sample wig for us to do some testing on.) One of the tests was to see what harsh peroxide did to the cap and's not great and I would not recommend this type of colouring on a Freedom Wig, the hair does become compromised - just like with a processed human hair wig - it weakens the hair.
In saying that colouring a Freedom Wig when done sensibly is one of the pluses for many who wear them. As long as you mindful and dealing with a professional colourist and stylist - you should be able to achieve all the styles and colour you may want. Even though I personally feel it is better to go for a very natural look choosing hair colours that suit you and need very little tweaking. With most other types of wig types it can be very difficult to colour the hair as the cap is often damaged in lace or net based wigs if this is tried, even though I have heard some are able to get reasonable results on some of lace and net based wigs - the other problems when colouring these types of wigs is the base streches and warps - some are a real pfaff to even wash. A Freedom Wig copes well with careful colouring and is extremely easy to wash and care for.

I think Chris may be better to answer the question about Freeda/Fortune wigs. So hopefully she will come in soon. I just don't know about their wigs, whereas Chris may do. Once you have done some investigating. I'm sure you can work out what they are offering and if it is going to be a good choice for you.
An analogy to help me explain how I feel about wigs is this. When you get your first car it's like the best thing ever, it gives you independence and you usually love it. As time goes on your needs and wants change around your car, you often improve it when you can financially, when your needs change. Very few people stay with the same car all their lifes. I believe wigs are similar. As your needs and wants change so should your wig. People often work through wig types until they find the one that really helps them.
For me there is nothing better than what my daughter wears. It ticks all our boxes and always has, but you may have different wants and needs Lexi.
Libby's hairpiece gives her peace of mind about how she wants to present herself. It doesn't take away the fact that she has no hair, but it does give her the opportunity to go out into the world being herself and looking fab. (Just my opinion :))
Good Luck with everything Lexi.

Comment by Lexi on January 27, 2013 at 8:54pm

Rosy, one picture your daughter has a very light blonde short wig. Now how did that color come about if it wasn't processed and lightened? Also, Chris and Rosy...I was just on the site by Freeda. She has some Discontinued styles and the prices are really really reasonable. I would like to buy a reasonably priced HH wig, so I can see how it is to wear one, take care of one, etc. without going through the expense of paying top dollar and finding out I bit off more than I could chew....and be sorry. And out a bunch of money. Would both of you feel I would be wasting my money buying something that reasonably priced? Also, Fortune has some that are reasonable as well. They seem to be good quality.

Comment by Rose Marie' on January 27, 2013 at 3:21pm

Hi Chris
I love what you have said especially as I feel it is truthful and is coming from someone with knowledge of the wigs you are talking about and you also wear wigs. I agree with you and also get frustrated with some of the information given to people.
As you have said there is no magic answer with wigs. They all have compromises. I also believe with my heart and soul that there are alternatives available that do help. You really have to work out your needs and go from there. Talking to someone that knows about the product they are trying to help you with is very important. That person should understand the different attachment methods they are helping you with, what their pro's and con's are. They should understand the hair type in the wigs they are selling and what that means to you around longevity, durability, look, ability to style/colour and realism.
As I have said before in my mind there really is only two types of human hair processed or 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. These are two very different hair types and you can not interchange them. Many people do try and sell wigs with false advertising around the hair type in it (claiming it has not been processed or is only lightly processed). If you come across a vendor like this be very careful. Processed hair is always a reasonable cost...if it is too expensive you are not being told the truth. If you are being sold hair that is cheap but claims it is unprocessed very doubtful. 100% unprocessed human hair is expensive, very few wig manufacturers use it as it is not easy to work with. But if you do find a wig that uses this hair, then you will get something that is beautiful.
Everyone knows I help people with Freedom Wigs in New Zealand. These wigs are made with 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. To wear a Freedom Vacuum wig you either have to have no hair or be prepared to shave the hair you have. Shaving your head (even though a big decision) does not ever compromise hairgrowth and is easy to do if you are willing.
I'm going to put a picture of my daughter in her latest Freedom hairpiece here. This is a snapshot by me (her mum), so it is a realistic picture of her hair. This Freedom wig is light curl, Freedom colour #6. My daughter washed and conditioned her hair then left it to dry naturally. The curls are a natural part of this hairpiece. The fringe/bang has been blowdried with a little hairspray put on at the end. This hair is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair.

These wigs are not for everyone, but for my daughter the security, realism, comfort and beauty work for her in every part of her life.


Comment by chris for hair on January 26, 2013 at 9:13pm

I have been in the hair replacement business and a hair stylist for many years now and there are a few things I wish women would understand.
1. There is no magic hairpiece that work for every situation.
2. In all likelihood whatever piece is chosen will need good professional cut-in and possibly care.
3. Human hair is very temperamental and unless one is happy with the un-kept look, it needs styling every time it is exposed to humidity.
4 Lace wigs are fragile and fall apart easily. They are only good on hairless scalps or scalps that have VERY little hair. If there is too much hair on the scalp they slip and can't be pinned through the cap, only around the edges.
5. Bonding should ONLY be used in cases where there is maximum hair loss (98%) and the hair has NO chance of growing back. Bonding causes more hair loss.
6. Good quality human hair can not be found at the $400-$500 range. Good quality hair is very hard to find and is mostly used in the entertainment industry. The majority of human hair comes from Asia and India, is chemically processed to attain any color other than black or dark brown and therefor already compromised. Any seller that tells you it can be colored or permed is unfamiliar with the damage these chemicals do to the hair. Lightening hair that has been previously dyed is VERY hard on the hair and will damage easily.
7. 98% of the people in this business will either lie, or are not knowledgeable of hair structure and will make claims that are untrue.
8. Even the very best hair systems will not look 100% natural. There is always a telltale line that can be camouflaged but never truly looks like the hair is growing from the scalp. Lace fronts look great until one gets make up or dirt in them, and then they show. They are VERY difficult to clean once they are compromised.

I am very sorry to sound so negative, but it pains me to see promises made that I know can not be kept. I love wigs and could care less if someone knows, I truly wish others could feel this way. But I also hate to see women (and men) spend money only to be unhappy because someone promised them the impossible. Pictures do not tell the whole story...

Comment by lovemyhair on December 29, 2012 at 6:57am

hi lexi,

i get it from mine is a superfine swiss lace topper 14 inches long European hair £399.I had to make a template as it was custom made but i know they will also copy your existing wig for the same type of price whatever its base.

Comment by Lexi on December 28, 2012 at 8:21pm

lovemyhair, where do you get your full lace wigs, and price? What color hair do you have? Mine is very light blonde, and that is often the problem - not seeing any real decent blonde shades, and really nothing in HH lace wigs, and I would want something that I didnt need tape or glue.

Comment by lovemyhair on December 28, 2012 at 2:54pm

i started off with full french lace wigs as the lace is stronger and thicker so easier for a novice to deal with.i eventually settled on superfine swiss lace as its more undetectable and you cant feel it on my scalp.Both are transparent though and dissapear on the skin i think as long as you use lace release to release the tape the lace wont tear easily.

Comment by nDallas on June 22, 2012 at 5:00pm

Hi !

This channel on Youtube ( Dittoschi) has a lot of wig videos. Her videos helped me pick out more realisitic looking wigs. She shows wigs that run 35 dollars to 500. Here is her Youtube channel . I've since purchased 3 wigs she showed and love all of them. One is the Rene of Paris Tori, 2nd is by Revlon Scorpio and the latest is made by Gabor called the Premium wig. Thought I would let everyone know.

Comment by Rose Marie' on May 17, 2012 at 6:16pm

Hi Chris M
I have seen a 'Gripper' and my daughter has even tried one on to see how she felt about them. (In her case it was not something she felt would work for her, she found it uncomfortable and it didn't give her the security she is use to with her Freedom Vacuum Hairpiece). I believe you can have hair underneath them, but probably around the perimeter edge would have to be hairless for any type of security to occur.
With a Freedom Vacuum wig you really have to have no hair or be willing to shave. I understand this is a big step for many people but in my daughter's experience (and mine), it was a step that helped her move forward with life.


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