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Squaric acid treatments

I am looking for some opinions and insite... A new Derm that I went to see this week at Hershey Medical center here in PA who is a Scalp an…

Started by Becca74Latest Reply


Has anyone here been prescribed and used prednisolone? My dermatologist gave me a prescription for it, saying that she thinks my alopecia a…

Started by EpoLatest Reply

Acne on scalp?

Hello everyone- I'm not currently doing any topical treatments for my very diffuse AA (we are talking all over hair loss of about 50%). Any…

Started by NerdynorrisLatest Reply

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Insurance denial

I was diagnosed with Alopecia in January and twice now my insurance has denied me to see a dermatologist. They keep saying the Alopecia is…

Started by Nicole Kordie

31 18 minutes ago
Reply by Mark S. Hansen

Alopecia areata - diagnosed today

One week ago, while getting my hair cut, a stylist asked, "you have alopecia?" I hadn't noticed that I had a bald spot. It now appears larg…

Started by LC

10 40 minutes ago
Reply by LC

Seeing hair regrowth

I am convinced that alopecia is a nutritional issue.  I have avoided posting to the discussion until now because I was so discouraged with…

Started by Angie

48 3 hours ago
Reply by L

Is there anyone in the same situation as me?

Hi everyone! I'm trying to see if there are a lot of people with the same situation as me when it comes to AA. In may I found my first huge…

Started by Mel

10 yesterday
Reply by Bobbie

Treatment in Australia

Hi all I live in Darwin, Australia and am wondering if there are any Aussies out there who can give me some advice about treatment options…

Started by Rachel

1 yesterday
Reply by stillshannon

Juicing and PH levels

Has anyone heard of the imbalance of PH levels causing hair loss? I did some research online and found that high acid levels can cause infl…

Started by reesespieces5678

0 yesterday


Hello, I am a 35 male. Recently had a pretty bad cold a couple weeks on top of a small injury on my hip. Cold is gone. Hip is better.. BUT…

Started by seizone

5 on Tuesday
Reply by Aimee

Not knowing how far it will go

Soooo...since the onset of my AA, i've noticed a few things. Obviously, I'm losing my hair. One way I can tell that more sections are about…

Started by Emz

5 on Tuesday
Reply by Emz

Is it possible for alcohol to have an effect on hair loss 6 months later?

So I'm trying to get to the bottom of my hair loss. I've had alopecia for my entire life so the occasional bald spot or two is never a surp…

Started by TheInsomniac

3 on Monday
Reply by Angelica

AU + No Eye Lashes = All Day Burning?

Over the last month, it appears I'm experiencing yet another new "issue" with my latest hair-loss flare up. Perhaps it's allergies, but cer…

Started by BaldheadSlick

5 on Sunday
Reply by Kathleen





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