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Squaric acid treatments

I am looking for some opinions and insite... A new Derm that I went to see this week at Hershey Medical center here in PA who is a Scalp an…

Started by Becca74Latest Reply


Has anyone here been prescribed and used prednisolone? My dermatologist gave me a prescription for it, saying that she thinks my alopecia a…

Started by EpoLatest Reply

Acne on scalp?

Hello everyone- I'm not currently doing any topical treatments for my very diffuse AA (we are talking all over hair loss of about 50%). Any…

Started by NerdynorrisLatest Reply

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There still is hope

A while ago i posted a thread asking if there is still hope. I was quickly losing all of my hair, and within about two months, about 65-70%…

Started by ac

1 3 hours ago
Reply by rew

Two bald circles under my chin beard

Hello, I discovered I had two circles under my chin beard June 2017 from there I started to really take care of my self and I am now starti…

Started by War

0 9 hours ago

Xeljanz (Tofacitinib Citrate): My experience on the trial

I have received a lot of interest from others on here in my involvement with the Xeljanz trials at Yale. I thought it would be nice for ev…

Started by AlopeciaDestroyedMyLife

5670 23 hours ago
Reply by Christopher's_mom

How Close Are We To Actually Finding a Cure?

I’ve seen a lot of posts throughout the years about new mirical treatments. But I think over the past decade or so there have been some maj…

Started by ac

17 yesterday
Reply by Return_life

Symtoms, treatment, research

I have dealt with AU now for a year and it was devastation for me! Does this ever go away or once you have it you have it for life? I can't…

Started by Carma Harper

1 on Monday
Reply by hagster

Xeljanz and methotrexate together to improve efficacy

Anyone try methotrexate at the same time as xeljanz? Starting xeljanz end of Jan and planning on staying on methotrexate

Started by Kdh

8 on Sunday
Reply by Sad1995

Xeljanz and scary side effects

I have AU (used to be AA but has progressed into AU within just the last few months), and my doctor wants me to consider Xeljanz.  I read…

Started by gldean1988

6 on Friday
Reply by bibby

Help do I have alopecia areata/universalis?

I noticed 3 years ago my facial hair was not growing as thick as it usually dues with the follicles much thinner in general but it has gene…

Started by Chris90

1 Dec 6
Reply by Alo-mom

PRP for AA anyone try it?

Hello, I’ve read that PRP can help stimulate new hair growth lost in alopecia areata, anyone try it? If so please share your experience. I…

Started by Mscilla

12 Dec 6
Reply by Return_life

Xeljanz in Mexico? Where can we buy it? How Much per Month?

I read awhile back that someone on here has gone to Mexico and purchased Xeljanz, but don't remember who? Can you tell us where in Mexico y…

Started by Xeljanzmiracle

21 Dec 5
Reply by xeljanzpharma





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