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Squaric acid treatments

I am looking for some opinions and insite... A new Derm that I went to see this week at Hershey Medical center here in PA who is a Scalp an…

Started by Becca74Latest Reply


Has anyone here been prescribed and used prednisolone? My dermatologist gave me a prescription for it, saying that she thinks my alopecia a…

Started by EpoLatest Reply

Acne on scalp?

Hello everyone- I'm not currently doing any topical treatments for my very diffuse AA (we are talking all over hair loss of about 50%). Any…

Started by NerdynorrisLatest Reply

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Xeljanz not working?

This post is to discuss my experience thus far taking Xeljanz. I am not trying to discourage anyone for taking Xeljanz. And I am happy for…

Started by texas2016

11 1 hour ago
Reply by mtran2000

Xeljanz (Tofacitinib Citrate): My experience on the trial

I have received a lot of interest from others on here in my involvement with the Xeljanz trials at Yale. I thought it would be nice for ev…

Started by AlopeciaDestroyedMyLife

4020 11 hours ago
Reply by terracelolo

Is Androgenetic alopcia horomal and autoimmune disease?

I read an article that said androgenetic alopecia stems from a hormonal imbalance and I was wondering how so

Started by Stars-r-Aligned

1 on Sunday
Reply by Johanna

LDN balances immunity and grows hair

We are having success with a little-known drug called LDN.   It is safe and nontoxic.  My 8-year-old takes 2.0 mg each night.  I have docum…

Started by pterese

19 on Sunday
Reply by strawberry

Any luck with JAK inhibitors anyone?

Hi. I am in the UK and my dermatologist has told me that JAK inhibitors have been very effective in the US.  He is going to put me forward…

Started by desperatedanyell

0 on Saturday

Question for the AU's who tried DCP: Did it work and with 100% growth?

Dear AU's, I am planning to start DCP in December this year. I was thinking to also order medicine and creams to use if I get nasty side ef…

Started by Gon

0 on Saturday

Essential oils?

Hi everyone, I know the essential oil craze can seem a bit out of control, but I read a published report with a relatively small group suff…

Started by Christine

6 on Friday
Reply by Suzie

Has any one tried the paleo autoimmune protocol?

For those who don't know, the paleo autoimmune protocol is a special diet that helps with autoimmune diseases. I was wondering has anyone h…

Started by DJ88

11 on Friday
Reply by Stars-r-Aligned

Androgeneric alopecia, Pcos ( maybe) just trying to pin a few thinga down

I've been doing research and I believe I have androgenetic alopecia... I did think telogen effluvium at first, but that's usually due to so…

Started by Stars-r-Aligned

0 on Thursday

My Stanford trial experience, part 2 (Xeljanz)

My first post on this topic got buried somewhere in "Discussion" purgatory, so I am providing an update on my experience as a participant i…

Started by Susan McAdams

167 on Thursday
Reply by Suzie





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