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My story

My hair started shedding and itching almost a year ago and has't stopped. I had thick curly hair but now have about half of what I use to.…

Started by SugarLatest Reply

Seeking mental help but too afraid?

Some of you have seen my earlier posts about my difficulty of accepting my alopecia. Now I have other personal problems that are really har…

Started by LilacLatest Reply

New to alopecia and having a VERY hard time coping!

Hi all, This is my first time posting to the forum. Today has been quite hard to handle. Im going to purge my story: I started noticing sig…

Started by AshleLatest Reply

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Accepting today: Beyond fear and loathing of alopecia universalis

The date and time of when I found my first spot is lost in the fog of what I can remember. I do recall looking at the dime size spot on the…

Started by SeanS

4 1 hour ago
Reply by SeanS

Social anxiety

Hi Everyone! I've been struggling with severe social anxiety ever since I started losing my hair a year ago.  I am terrified of people aski…

Started by Dayna

2 yesterday
Reply by Jo

Hair coloring for what hair I have?

Anyone is it safe to color your hair? Or will the hair loss become worse? Starting to get alot of grey hairs. ughhh! Linda

Started by Linda

9 yesterday
Reply by Rain Young

Well...I'm losing my hair. It's totally offical

My hair is getting thinner and thinner. I almost hate I have androgenetic alopecia.. Yes , it thinning slowly kinda helped me accept that's…

Started by Stars-r-Aligned

8 on Sunday
Reply by Marco

Still having a hard time accepting androgenetic alopecia :(

Its just hard, when I do my hair I can clearly see the side balding, now I have alot of hair in the back...but the front is what's looking…

Started by Stars-r-Aligned

2 on Saturday
Reply by Tom

I learned more from this site than I did from a "qualified physician"

It's so interesting that since I've been on this forum, I've learned so much more about alopecia areata, universalis, totalis, etc. from th…

Started by femmemuscle

30 Feb 15
Reply by femmemuscle

When did you develop AU? Is the highest probabilities during childhood?

I have heard that AU usually develops at younger ages (childhood) or during teens and some people develop it at larger stages in life quite…

Started by Patchylatchy

14 Feb 14
Reply by Pam D.

I feel like wigs are dominating my life

The title says a lot, but let me elaborate. First, wigs are an extra bill.  I spend so much getting custom wigs that I'm not even happy in,…

Started by KristinWelsh

87 Feb 13
Reply by Regrow

Dealing with alopecia at college every day!!

Hey everyone! I'm so happy that I found out about this alopecia foundation. I really hope it will help me. To start of, I should say that n…

Started by Amuneta

1 Feb 12
Reply by Alo-mom

Wish I would lose more hair or none at all

Hi, I'm new here. I was diagnosed AA in 2014 when I found a spot that grew quite large above my left ear. It did eventually stop and grow b…

Started by marmaytho

3 Feb 12
Reply by Amuneta





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