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My story

My hair started shedding and itching almost a year ago and has't stopped. I had thick curly hair but now have about half of what I use to.…

Started by SugarLatest Reply

Seeking mental help but too afraid?

Some of you have seen my earlier posts about my difficulty of accepting my alopecia. Now I have other personal problems that are really har…

Started by LilacLatest Reply

New to alopecia and having a VERY hard time coping!

Hi all, This is my first time posting to the forum. Today has been quite hard to handle. Im going to purge my story: I started noticing sig…

Started by AshleLatest Reply

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As a guy who has lost my full head of hair after knowing how people use to treat you is a major hard time coping with it... When I was you…

Started by Tyler

1 yesterday
Reply by Aimee

Why aren't men attracted to bald women?

This is the most fustrating part about being bald. If you're not already dating or married than there's no hope of finding a mate. Not talk…

Started by Pebbles

59 on Friday
Reply by sam

Finding it hard coping with hair loss. How to adapt to wearing wigs full-time and how to tell people about hair loss!

I am having trouble coping with my hairloss. I have lost 50% of my hair with my hair very thin all over. I have hair on most of my head it…

Started by Jennah

32 on Friday
Reply by oliver845


I wonder if it is dumb of me to pray and plead God for my hair back? Sometimes I think it is just hopeless. Now don't get me wrong I am str…

Started by rshakiyla

1 Feb 3
Reply by Sweet Pee

Tired of everyone telling me it will all grow back

Ok, so I feel a bit rotten saying this, but I'm tired of people telling me "So and so had alopecia and their hair all grew back and never c…

Started by Rose

47 Jan 29
Reply by HappyMommyJ

Difficulty coping with my balding

I need help accepting my rapid balding.Help please. The feel of a wig is awful to me. I'm wanting to die!

Started by oliver845

2 Jan 27
Reply by oliver845

New to this new life

I was just diagnosed with alopecia and am in need for support. I lost all my hair except for my eyelashes so far and a sprout of hair on my…

Started by Calicj

21 Jan 25
Reply by AmyS

Hi! I'm New Here. How Many Of You Are "Out" With Your Alopecia?

Hi! I'm a little nervous, so if you make it to the end of this post, thank you for reading. OK, here goes... I have had alopecia since I w…

Started by Dollhead

17 Jan 21
Reply by LyndaM

Treated me like a dog with mange!

I just flew out to see my favorite sister - the one closest in age to me, and I am SOOOO sad and disappointed.  She treated me like I was d…

Started by Still Me

42 Jan 16
Reply by Debwp

How to accept being ugly

This is going to sound majorly harsh, but hear me out. I feel like the "bald is beautiful" is a lie we tell ourselves and others just to fe…

Started by pippinsgirl

263 Jan 5
Reply by Gordon Patzer





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