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At 11:00am on April 09, 2010, Heather L gave Nikita a gift
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Long time no talk-- hope all is great with you!
At 3:57pm on November 19, 2009, Karina Louise said…
Hi Nikita, thanks for writing back. I am actually heading back home to Melbourne in January. Living over here has been a fantastic experience but it's time to move on again. So, I am off to South America for a month then home to Oz. Whether I will be home in Melbourne for good or not is something I don't know yet. I'm just going to see what happens. But yeah, we should definitely keep in touch! How are things with you? How's your hair at the moment?
At 8:15pm on November 15, 2009, Angela said…
Nice to meet you.
At 6:49pm on November 8, 2009, Heather L said…
HEY- nice surprise to hear from you!!

Hope you exams are going well! Will you know how you did soon? I remember always having such a hard time waiting! Patience is not my strongest quality!! ha!

Hope the concert goes well? Are you just teaching or also dancing in the concert?

All is well here- I love Fall so I'm always happy this time of year! It's been mostly sunny and between 50- 60 during the day.... dark super early now!! I walked stumps at 5:30 tonight after his dinner and it was already dark! Deer everywhere too!!!

Stumps is hanging in there- thanks for asking! He is on the mend from a torn ACL. (Anterior cruciate ligament). Doc thinks his age may be a part of what happened - said just jumping off the bed or couch could be enough to twist his leg wrong!! Not rushing into surgery b/c of his age (13) - so he is on some meds. and happily is doing much better!!! :)

so what is going on in Beautiful Australia?

Happy to hear from you! Keep in touch!
At 8:04pm on August 21, 2009, Karina Louise said…
Hi Nikita, how are you going? Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I am also from Melbourne but I have been in Canada for a while now. I will come home eventually though!
I love musicals too - I actually saw Rent in one of its last weeks on Broadway when I was in NY last summer and it was AMAZING! Oh and I used to do sports acrobatics, and I was a gymnastics coach for years.
Hope all's well with you,
At 12:00pm on July 7, 2009, Heather L said…
Hey Girl!

How are you? It's been a while- anything new going on?

Sorry you didn't make it to Bali! I hear you about bills and being broke! I just got my property taxes- YIKES! Insane in this horrible real estate market that they keep going up as property values go down! :( Think it's time for another "tea party"- ha!

Funny being out to sea would spook you- I think it would be kind of cool. Although not on my brother's ship - they are near hostile waters. ( near Korea) --so sharks are not his worry!

So what happened at your show? Why so sick?-- was it just physical exhaustion- don't know how you do that on such little sleep..... OR anxiety b/c your parents where there? Have you been in any more shows? I think that is soooo cool! I have a strong feeling you performed AWESOME and are just being hard on yourself!!!!

Hope all is well! talk to you soon,
At 2:23pm on June 18, 2009, Heather L said…
Hey Nikita!

How are you? Five weeks off- that's awesome! I remember you saying you might go to Bali- is that during this time off?

Yes it was neat when John Travolta was in town- but stars here don't happen much. They are all out on the west coast! Or NY. I do live on the East coast about 2 to 3 hours south of NY.

Funny you had a Buffy "marathon"! I've done that with the Rocky movies! Yes I know- I can't help myself I loved those movies esp. the first one. When I was younger ( and he was younger!) I had a major crush on Sly Stallone! Now he kind of creeps me out. But then- my friend called me: Mrs. Stallone. Speaking of which- ..... I've got it bad for one yours!! Simon Baker. Do you watch the mentalist? Like him? He does an American accent so well I forget he is from Australia!

Dance, cheerleading, acrobats - you go girl! That is awesome. Both fun and lots of great exercise! And Burlesque- that's saucy! I'm jealous I don't think I could pull that off!

Are you and your bother close? I am the youngest of three. My brother is about 10 years older so we were never that close- he is a ship engineer so isn't in the country very much either. He has two kids- My sister and I are best friends! We are joined at the hip- and she also has two kids. My awesome little nephews- Jack (5) and Justin (2). Since I do not have children - we agreed to share J & J! ha ha!

Nope- no suitors for me right now either- but like you have lots of wonderful friends so it is all good. :)

Hope you are enjoying your time off!!
At 3:37am on June 15, 2009, MiNAH said…
I'm from Sydney Australia..although I live here in the USA.
I just got back from Sydney where I received a freedom wig.
So check out my profile, picz, video and my daughter Aviva Singing her song..which was inspired by 'me",,,her mum!
At 10:43am on June 13, 2009, Heather L said…

How's your weekend going? Anything fun planned?

I liked ladder 49 too- and it was filmed in Baltimore. I remember one of my co-workers was in a restaurant and saw John Travolta. She said he was so personable and fan-friendly. He has always been one of my favorites so I was happy to hear that!

Working in the emergency department will certainly keep you hopping! Never boring I imagine! I worked at a hospital for while when I was in school- with sick children. It was equally rewarding and sad. I'd cry alot- not ever in front of the patients or their families but rather in the car on the way home- not sure that is a job I could do everyday. And I have a HUGE appreciation for people who do!!

No I am not working in psychology now- I am working as a human resource manager! Long story- I also have a real estate broker's license and will do a little of that on the side. :) The very best thing about were I work (well- there are several) is that I can take Bentley (my dog) with me to the office. He has become some what of a mascot! ha!

Cold where you are!!! wow! It is HOT and MUGGY here! I find that kind of funny- we sure are far apart!!!

At 2:50pm on June 11, 2009, Heather L said…

How are you today?

Congrats on nursing school! good luck with your exams. When I went to grad. school I almost went into nursing- really thought about it hard but ended up going into applied psychology. (Industrial/organizational psych. specifically).
What area of nursing do you want to go into?

Well- I am not familiar with your other favorite 90's TV shows.... BUT you mentioned Sally Field. I love her- did you see " Steel Magnolias" - I CRIED my eyes out in that movie! ugh.... that was a tough one.

Bali sounds cool. I never really heard much about it- but I did read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, Pray, Love" - that last part (the "Love" ) part took place in Bali- and her stories sounded so cool. if I was there- I'd find that natural healer she saw and see what she had to see about AA!! ha! Are you familiar with the book?

Hope all is well!!
At 4:46am on June 10, 2009, Alison said…
Hi Nikita

Thanks for the welcome message, it is good to know I am not the only newbie on here. There are quite a few of us South Africans in the UK but we don't out number the Aussies or Kiwis yet lol. So, how are you today? Alison.
At 8:35pm on June 8, 2009, LeslieAnn Butler said…
Hello and welcome, Nikita!
I love musicals, too! I love New York and seeing them there, but here in Portland we get Broadway touring shows, too. I saw Wicked in NY, but it also just came to Portland a couple of months ago.
Anyway, how are you today?
At 10:49am on June 8, 2009, Heather L said…

Ha Ha- that's cool you watch Will and Grace too. There are two other episodes I you remember these: the one where Jack and Karen were in an arcade and Jack got on that dancing mat( where you have to keep up with the computer). He busted out a move- I laughed myself to tears!

The other one is When they all went to Will's boyfriends house for thanksgiving dinner...and Jack kept trying to sit on the couch with the plastic cover but would keep slipping off over and over again until finally he went around the back of the couch and jumped over it landing on his knees- all the while never breaking his conversation or changing the tone of his voice. funny stuff!

No I never heard about that Koala story- very sweet.
Hate spiders too- but no problem with sharks. Think they are kind of cool. LOVE lions and yes I remember the Lion Christian. They are so oriented to their "pride/family" I was not surprised he remember those men. Gorgeous loyal animals!

speaking of lions- a highlight of one of my trips to Mexico was I got to play with and hold a baby lion. It was awesome. It was maybe about 15 pounds- beautiful and just starting to get long gangly legs-with BIG paws. The only thing we were told was not to touch his head- he didn't like that. I thought well that is BS- how many times in my life will I get the chance to kiss a lion right smack center of his forehead! So I did- he didn't mind. In fact when I was holding him he rolled over in my arms (like how you would hold a baby) and went to sleep! I've got a couple pictures!

so what's up for you week?
At 10:12am on June 8, 2009, SHAILENDER SINGH CHAUHAN said…
Hi Nikita
how is everything going out there? thanks alot for the nice words. yes we would get enough moments to share our experiences. so keep in touch and keep sharing
rest take care
At 1:00pm on June 7, 2009, Heather L said…
Hey Nikita,

How is your weekend? Anything fun?

That is so cool- I cannot imagine seeing Koalas in the back yard of your parents home!! Although I might be in trouble- I think they are so cute and huggable looking I'd try to pet one forgetting they are bears! Are they aggressive at all? If you are out by the trees do you need to worry they would go after you or your pets?

Nope nothing cool like that around my house- just tons of deer and fox. And the occasional snake- YIKES! I had a copper head in my garage two years ago - I still get freaked out thinking about it. It was enough to almost make me move to a high rise in the city!

I agree dancing with Kevin Bacon- would be awesome. Do you know the show "Will and Grace"- if you do, did you see the episode where Will got to do the dance scene with Kevin Bacon? It was hysterical.

say "hi" to Peppa!

At 8:17am on June 7, 2009, Amit said…
Hello Nikita while I was doing some search for my daughter's cure I came across a very interesting article. I have also discussed it with my Dermatalogist and he said this treatment works with androgenetic alopecia. Please see the link bellow
At 1:47am on June 7, 2009, Tracy and Amanda said…
Hi Nikita,
Yes I will be starting nursing school this fall. I am real excited. I always wanted to be a nurse, but with my full time job and raising Amanda there was never any time. I recently stopped working last november at my stressful job so I could spend more time with my daughter. So this fall I will definitely have time to go back to school during the day when Amanda starts back at school again. How do you like it? Was it what you expected. What have you learned so far?

At 4:49pm on June 6, 2009, SHAILENDER SINGH CHAUHAN said…
HI Nikita
welcome to the alopeciaworld.........
At 8:16pm on June 5, 2009, Tracy and Amanda said…
Hi Nikita,
Welcome, I have a 6 yr old daughter who has alopecia. I read your profile and saw you were studying nursing. i am also starting nursing school in the fall. Hope we can keep in touch.
At 3:47pm on June 2, 2009, Heather L said…
Hey Nikita!

Welcome to Alopecia World!! Ha- I've never tried my space or face book either!! I joined this site in March- and It has been great. After all these years having AA- I've not ever met any one else with it! So it is great to know I am not alone and to talk to other people who really get the emotional hardship of it all!

THANK YOU so much for the compliment on my hair! For the most part I am able to cover my spots with my hair- but occasionally I need to get creative with hairspray and comb overs!! :) And windy days are a challenge!! I do feel fortunate to still have hair though!

I have been doing a low laser therapy treatment - not sure it has really helped me much.... BUT I have met a few other woman at the salon with androgenic alopecia (that is hormonal right- build up of DHT??) and it is helping them!

I've never been to Australia! Sure it is wonderful! Have you ever been to the US?

Have a great day!


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