"Your haircut makes you look like a serial killer..."

Everyday, I seem to find some way to blame myself and my own body for giving me alopecia at such a crucial time of my life. I hold on to too many things in my life and my hair loss is one of them.

One of the more challenging ideas to have with this is condition is dating. While I've recently, in the past year, got out of a long term relationship on mutual terms, I still can't help but think about her daily, wondering if this condition pushed me to a point of depression that affected myself and our relationship. I think it did. 

Near the end of the relationship, we were more vocal with each other about how we were acting towards one another. Being less vocal in general was the main part of problem anyways. 

She had said that my confidence had drastically decreased since she first met me (I had hair when we met) and that my attitude was increasing in rage and frustration, which was a huge turn off for her because why the hell wouldn't it be. 

I know I'm venting on a random problem but everyday I'm not with her, I think of her and how much I could've prevented such turmoil in our relationship, just because my hair is gone and my confidence felt depleted. 

My message is to tell others who may be going through the same thing or feel like they are on the verge of something relatable, remember that you are stronger than this condition. You have nothing to hide under the hat or beanie you may wear daily. Dont let it affect your romantic relationships because looking back on why my entire life fell apart at the drop of a dime, don't lose the ones who look past your condition for what you have to offer from your heart. 

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Comment by Chris F on November 3, 2017 at 11:28pm

Great thoughts here. You're right with the cause and effect. You lost yourself because you were consumed by something else that doesn't really represent who you are. The most difficult challenge is remembering we are more than " I look different." Remember we are also more than first perceptions. There's an ability to make yourself attractive, sexy , confident and it has nothing with to do with whether you have alopecia or not. Your perception of yourself matters far more than anyone else's. Once you don't give a fuck anymore , and just let yourself be yourself you will have far better outcomes. I still think about alopecia all the time, I'm still not one of those people who believe in giving into to it. I'm simply stating alopecia is nothing that should hold any of us down. No one is better than you because they have hair, and if they are it's because of your own perception. You are who you think you are. 

I'm hopeful you've learned ( it seemed like you have) to never allow yourself to miss on a relationship or an opportunity again. Not worth it my friend! I allowed self pity to miss plenty it took years to figure it out! You have your answer, you see it, that's good! Get back at it. 

Comment by Lauren on November 6, 2017 at 6:13pm

Maybe it was the best thing for you at your time. Things happen that may seem like the world is attacking you or adding to the mess. But in this time, find yourself. Find the person you have become. I was super confident in my hair loss, but now im afraid it may be changing to Alopecia universalis due to loss of eyebrows and some lashes.....

Love yourself for who you are ! 

You are on the right track. 



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