Women with alopecia pose in stunning photo series to show that bald is beautiful

"Models removed their wigs to embrace their hairlessness to pose in a photoshoot which raises awareness of the condition."

Excerpts from an article on Metro.co.uk:

"Photographer Chrissy Sparks, 35, from Birmingham, has photographed thousands of women, of all shapes and sizes, since opening DollHouse Photography five years ago.

Chrissy says: ‘My stylist Nav Soroya and I wanted to show how women can look glamorous without fitting the typical beauty stereotype you tend to see in the media – and we wanted to support the unconventional beauty standards.

Most of the women pictured have suffered with alopecia since their childhood.

Natasha Lachs, 34, says: ‘I have had alopecia since I was 7. I never really liked looking at pictures of myself, and I would also never dream of having my pictures taken without my wig on. I usually feel unfeminine without my hair, however when I saw these DollHouse pictures I actually cried. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful I actually looked. Who would have thought I could look sexy without my wig on! They have made me feel like a million dollars.’

Alopecia sufferer, Danielle Atkins, 20, also starred in the photoshoot. She has had alopecia since she was two. I was utterly amazed when I saw the final DollHouse images. I absolutely loved them and it definitely shows that bald can be beautiful and sexy. I love transforming myself with makeup, clothes and wigs, but this was the first time with the wig off, I felt amazing. Before the shoot, I felt that because we don’t fit the typical stereotype of beauty that we can’t model or be within the beauty industry. But the shoot shows that we too can be as beautiful as the commercial models you see in the media.’

Chrissy says: ‘I’m a great supporter of body confidence... ‘Once the makeup and hair is done, we guide the models with their poses and facial expressions. ‘We want all women to feel utterly spoilt and make her feel and look her most beautiful.’

For this project, Chrissy teamed up with Panache, a group that aims to raise awareness and support for people who suffer with hair loss."

To read the full article and see additional images click the below link:


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Comment by Emma on January 2, 2020 at 8:40pm

I love this! The women featured look amazing and so confident in their rocking look! I still sometimes feel less feminine without hair – especially when it's winter and am already wearing woolly jumpers etc with my bald head. But it's great when we can dress up a little and feel empowered with the freedom of having it out in the open!

Thanks for sharing :)


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