Where I'm buying my Turkish scarves (as seen in my YouTube video) these days

Women have asked me where I get the Turkish scarves that are lightweight cotton and have handmade edging. I demonstrated these in my video "Alternatives to Wearing a Wig". The person I bought the scarves in that video from in 2008 is no longer in business.

There are a number of sellers online, and I recently found a new supplier on eBay. She's a woman in Istanbul, Turkey, so the scarves took a little longer to reach me. But, the price was very reasonable compared to others I've bought in the past (they were $13 to $17, and she reduced the shipping cost since several were sent together).

I bought 3 new scarves, black, red, and green, and they are very good quality. The black one is shown in this photo of me: http://www.alopeciaworld.com/photo/performing-january-28-2012?conte...

You have to be careful to check the measurements of the scarves you may see listed on eBay. Many of them are too large to tie the way I do. I look for scarves that are around 33 to 35" square. I look for solid colors (the main part of the scarf is a solid color, with a floral design only on the outside) that are more easy to match to clothes I'm wearing.

Here's the eBay page for this seller. I have no financial relationship with her and am just trying to share info since I've been asked where I get these scarves.


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Comment by LilyBell*Murphy'sLawLuvsMe on January 30, 2012 at 6:38pm

Thanks for the info Mary - I love your scarfs! (BTW I think you have the wrong pic - you are underwater in that one - lol but I do love your wetsuit : )


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