I recently came across an article on QC.com and pulled a few excepts:

 "Justin Hopwood's perfect looks helped him land a perfect career, traveling the world to model for Ralph Lauren. Then he was diagnosed with alopecia. What do you do when you lose your money-maker? Especially when that money-maker is a perfect head of hair? He's trying to figure that out."

The story of Justin Hopwood is necessarily the story of Justin Hopwood’s hair. It opens with a bowl cut in Hopwood’s early years. Then his hair is irrelevant for a few prepubescent chapters. He begins traveling the globe as a model. His hair assumes more importance—and more volume—with each passing year. He becomes the face of Abercrombie & Fitch, and then the face of Ralph Lauren. Then it all comes screeching to a halt in 2015, when Hopwood, male model and noted hair-haver, realizes his hair has begun to fall out."


“Recently Hopwood decided to shave his head. "He wasn’t shooting for commercial clients anymore, and he was sick of running his hands through his hair only to pull out long strands. The head-shaving was like a rite"  "….His friend Bryce Thompson, a photographer, did the shaving, and they did two shoots.”


"Hopwood likes his shaved head—it doesn’t feel like a surrender. “I feel like I look younger with my hair shorter… Maybe I feel a little tougher.” I don’t know why a tall, ripped dude wouldn’t already feel maximum tough, but Hopwood is right: He looks edgier.

Source: www.GQ.com
“The Male Model Who Lost His Hair”
By: Lauren Larson
Photography: Andy Ryan


You can read the full article and see additional photos of Hopwood below:


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