Well, it's three months today since I discovered my baldy patch, and this week I finally had my appointment with the dermatologist. She was very nice, measured the patch (it's 4.5cm x 5cm for the record), checked through my head to see if there were any more (there aren't) and prescribed me something called synalar gel, which I am to apply thinly every night before I go to bed. I am not sure if it will do anything, or if I am even bothered; it'll either grow back or it won't!

My main problem is still my mother / grandmother, who are both still "mithering" me about it. My nan obviously has the best will in the world, saying, I'll buy you the best wig money can buy. She looked quite shocked when I said I have no intention of wearing a wig, if more hair comes out then I'll shave it off and that's that. Might have to invest in some hats for the cold though.

My mother is STILL asking "but have you changed your shampoo or anything?" GRRRRRRRRAAARRRRRRGH!!!!!!! lol
She is insistent "well I would be upset about it if it were me...."

I am more than thankful that I don't have anything I'm going to die from. I don't have to adjust my life because I have lost an arm or leg. I haven't gone deaf or blind. I have much worse things in my life, that I would gladly get rid of before the alopecia, like my allergies for instance. I have violent sneezing fits that make me waste at least one day of my life when I have them. I would gladly trade EVERY hair on my head to be rid of the allergies. She just doesn't get it. Rant over (again).

Hope you're all having a great day, I intend to ☺

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Comment by Andrea on May 27, 2010 at 2:17pm
I think my hair loss was more traumatic for my mother than for me. I think I've figured out why. I was able to see myself in a mirror many times in a day and even though I didn't like what I saw I got used to it. She only saw me a couple times a week and it was hard for her to see me like that.

On the plus side, apparently treating my Lupus has not only allowed my hair to grow back but my allergies which are similar to yours were almost non existant this spring! I guess it's basically the same function.

You have a good attitude, but sometimes it's hard for those of us around us to accept that we're not miserable. Blessings!


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