Stress, alopecia and endocrine system?

For me, all of my flaire ups of alopeica have happened directly after large stressful events in my life... and while I know it may not be the case for everyone, for me I believe that stress has a direct correlation with my alopeica.

I was doing some research on autoimmune disease and stress and found a few articles that described the relationship. One site said "recent reviews discuss the possible role of psychological stress, and of the major stress-related hormones, in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease. It is presumed that the stress-triggered neuroendocrine hormones lead to immune dysregulation, which ultimately results in autoimmune disease, by altering or amplifying cytokine production."

So that made me wonder about the endocrine system and I was wondering if anyone has tried any supplements to support the endocrine system? Or has anyone else thought/ heard of this before?

Just curious!

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Comment by lynne on April 21, 2014 at 3:50pm
Very interesting, I just wrote a blog about believing my hair loss is hormone related. Might look into this. :) x
Comment by magda on May 1, 2014 at 6:04am

Hi everyone, new to this site and live in the UK. I can add my experience to this topic. wonder if any research is

happening ? My hair began falling out/stopped growing after a few intensely stressful years, very gradually at first.

Then just as I was at the age for menopause (didn`t have any extreme symptoms thankfully) I contracted a bad flu virus which was followed by a period of chronic fatigue. The doctors in my area were unsympathetic and more or less told me to "pull myself together" because the blood tests etc. showed nothing obvious or treatable.

Chronic fatigue is sometimes called "M E" and is an auto-immune condition. This was nine years ago, I have had to find a way to boost my nutrition and pre-empt bouts of fatigue, easier now as am not working and live alone.Hair loss has worsened however, no treatment or accurate diagnosis been offered by the UK NHS. This

month at last have been offered a consultation for a free wig but not sure what choice or quality will be. I did demand a recent blood test to see if any causes for hair loss and intermittent fatigue. Negative result but then I don`t know how thorough the medics were. I have tried some supplements from my Health Shop..not sure if they helped any.. RHODIOLA to help cortisol level and SAW PALMETTO for hormone balance. I do take B-complex vits and Omega 3, also zinc and Q10 periodically. Sure we are all different and best way is to " be natural " in all we use on or take in to our bodies. I agree that stress and hormones generally need to be researched in relation to various types of alopaecia.  The big drug companies will be reluctant to fund research unless they feel they can sell some drug or other of course... British Health Service is very under-funded ...


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