Hi my name is Sophie I am 26 years old and found out that I have Alopecia, It was hard to hear at first my doctor was telling me all about the treatment that I could have but I couldn't hear what he was saying it was hard to get my head around this. After getting the news I went home and told my husband then family although they were saying that everything was going to be ok I just counldn't stop myself thinking about losing my hair I started out with having a large patch about 6 cm across and a smaller patch next to it as the days went by the patches started to get bigger and now the larger of the two is 10cm and the smaller one is 5 cm and now as joined forces with the larger one I started getting another patch on the top of my head when I thought that it was all done and dusted I found another patch.
5 months ago I went to see a new doctor who was going to do light treatment but there was a change of plan and I was going to get injections done laying down on the bed as the doctor got things ready I have to to tell you was scarey Iwas just thinking to myself this is easy you have been though the birth of your son ( I have to tell you I am only a little woman I was 45kg when I feel pregnant and my son was over 9 pounds so that is why I could do it) I wish someone was with me I didnt ask anyone to come because I didnt know about the injections until I seen the doctor. I go back to see him on the 9th of Sept and yes my husband is coming with me this time. My family try and help in any way they can and with a big help they all put in and brought me a wig I can not say in words how thankful for that. Living in the Newcastle area in NSW it was hard to found some where that I could go to and talk face to face with other people and still can't I am now looking into getting a support group started for the people living in and around Newcastle I am sure that I am not the only person living here with alopecia. After all that has happen I am still happy I can wake up in the morning and get my children a bottle I can run around with them outside I am here to teach them right from wrong, read them a story, paint with them I will be here to watch my son get dress for his first day of school and two years later watch my daugther do the same thing I can watch them grow up get married and have kids I might do all this with hair and I might do it without hair but the best part is I am here to do it all.

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Comment by Vicki H on August 23, 2011 at 8:03am
Hi Sophie, you are an inspiration to so many. You have the unique ability to focus on the positives of life whilst dealing with the stress and duress of alopecia. We all have so much to live for, but it's easy to lose perspective when we are confronted with a challenging and life altering situation, so good luck with your treatment on the 9/9 and good to hear you will have the love and support of your husband. Vic x


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