She flaunts herself because her sister is bald



So I'm going to get straight to the point.

I think my sister tries to be "extra cute" when around my male company.

So this guy I'm talking to is pretty cute.

He is both me and my sisters type when it comes to looks.

He shows very strong interest in me or my panties...Still trying to figure that one out.

But anyways...He's likes to mention  my womanly figure[Red flag 4]...Which is a reason I feel like he's only about my private areas.

Me and my sister look a lot a like even though we are 3yrs apart. People mistake us for twins, even though I don't think we look alike at all. 

So he's over chilling, waiting for me to be ready so we can leave the house. My sister is walking around in a blanket with hardly no clothes underneath....How do I know she barely had no clothes? She wasn't doing the best of job at covering up. The blanket began at her could see no bra straps. And ended at her knees, you could see her legs hanging out. 

So my sister is in the door way of my room and my company is right there too standing behind me. She comes to ask me who knows what, while my company is asking her about her under garments. [Red flag 1, 2, and 3] homie is looking too hard.

See this scenario would seem normal...But my sister only acts this way when an attractive guy is around.

She becomes very sexual and flirtatious 

She then starts doing extra things like wearing tight clothes or shaking her butt.

I know if my friend were older she would flirt with him when I'm not around.

You say how could I be so mean? 

Uh...That's all my sisters ever did!! Ever since I was 5! Always try and get with the guy that's into me...All of my sisters. 3 of them total.

And all them have messed with a guy I told no to or told them that I was not interested in.

I don't think sisters should do that.

And no this guy doesn't know I'm bald,

When I tell her a guy was showing interest in me she'll say 

"Oh really? Did you take off your wig?"


This happens often, I've stopped talking to her about guys who show interest in me.

I act like a total diva with my hair off when around her.

To let her know my baldness doesn't affect my confidence.

I could never let her know.

Because she would use that, she's very insecure. 10xs more than I am and she has hair.

She's always pushing me to do things bald, but will act like a stupid ass if you tell her to leave the house without hair extensions! It's so annoying! I want to be able to be bald around people so I can show her, I'm a bad chick without hair and guys still dig and prefer me! lol

It's really annoying when your older sister acts younger than you do.

She's quicker to sexual acts, and the guys that I bring around notice.

They say

"well your sister is dancing raunchy on my brother, why don't you dance on me like that?"

Uhhh No...

"Your sister is making out with my brother and they just met, I've met you 3 weeks ago and we haven't even hugged."


It's a lot to deal with.

And soo I think my sister tries to be "extra cute" so the guy will be like

"Well damn they look a lot alike, sister seems more promiscuous than the one I'm talking to. Ooh and she just told me she's bald! Well time to go after the sister!"

Maybe I'm insecure.

Maybe it's for a reason.

Maybe I'm crazy cuz I'm bald.

I know what many will say

"If he chooses your sister, first off leave him alone...cuz I wouldn't be able to trust him or her."


"Just tell him and find out"


"If he can't handle you bald, he doesn't deserve you."

Why must all my beginnings begin so uncomfortably?

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Comment by Tallgirl on November 14, 2013 at 12:45am

 I think your sister may get herself in big trouble, and soon. Maybe your parents, grandparents and pastor need to know what she is doing to HERSELF, and how mean she is to you.

Comment by Jameelah Fernanders on November 17, 2013 at 8:41am

Its sounds like classic sister rivalry.  I think you and your sisters should have a talk and create some ground rules around how you all will act around each other boyfriends. If you all don't show respect to one another now when you have husbands its going to be a mess. Sister Rule- my sisters boyfriend is off limits. I will not do anything initially that would hurt my sister like walk around her boyfriend half naked. I will respect my sister and she will respect me like I will not purposefully expose her sensitive areas openly.  I think this rivalry is not about you being bald its about competition.  You are beautiful with or without a wig. If you are bald you are still going to attract a men and your sister is  still going to go after them. This behavior is hurtful and demeaning to each others self-esteem and spirit. If you are really into a guy you should let them know by the third date that you are bald and don't bring him around your sister unless you know he is into you. 


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