I was brought to tears this morning as I read my "Congratulations you have been selected to run in Rick Hansen's 25th Anniversary Relay across Canada" notice.

Rick Hansen is a man who has been my hero since his first relay across Canada, "Man in Motion", 25 years ago when I was 10 years old (So now you know I'm 35 years young) He is paraplegic and has been raising money to encourage research into spinal injuries and possible cures. He has made life better for thousands of Canadians with his foundation and truly displays all the characteristics of a hero.
In 1993 I was ecstatic to see Rick Hansen wheel his way around the track in Kamloops stadium to open my Canada Games. That moment brought me to tears as I knew I was in the presence of a true athlete...and now I get to run for him!

My husband entered my story about my alopecia journey in the Relay contest. My story pales in comparison to the stories written by amazing people doing amazing things to create awareness about spinal injuries, the challenges they face and the community contributions these people are making... but I got in!!!

This is my small chance to raise awareness for our disease, our challenges, and our community of amazing people. I will run without my hair...however it is in January so let's just say a toque and scarf will be the minimum that will be on my head! (It's -30 celsius on average at that time of year)

I can't tell you enough about my hero Rick Hansen and the inspiration he brings to my life and my challenges but you can see it for yourself http://www.rickhansen.com/Home/NewsEvents/Blog/tabid/950/Article/10...

He is an inspiration, an educator, and a hero!

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Comment by Ilia Reed on November 3, 2011 at 10:36am
Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing your hero - there are so many going unnoticed. I am too far away for the relay. Let's know the date(s) in January and I will sport my shiny head with special pride in solidarity. Enjoy the event!
Comment by mabaker on November 4, 2011 at 5:15am
Amazing - you are both heroes - xx
Comment by FANCY1024 on November 4, 2011 at 8:21pm
Jennifer, Congratulations on getting into the relay! You make us all proud! You're doing such a great thing for all of us. We are all behind you on your special day! You are a hero just as much as Rick Hansen is! Good luck with the relay! Di
Comment by Pat on November 5, 2011 at 12:55am
Fantastic! I will be with you in spirit. You are amazing!


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