Recovering from DEEP DEPRESSION. My hair loss chronicles

I have looked under the bed, I have checked my pockets, I have searched high and low and my hair was nowhere to be found. You see, since I was 21 I have been losing my hair and have done everything short of sending out an Amber Alert for it! My name is Scott and this is my story how I fell into Depression when my hair fell out and how I recovered from it.

Like most of us beginning to lose our hair… thickening hair shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels and hairsprays are the first line of defense. Unfortunately, they only gave me the illusion that I still have a thicker head of hair which still continued to thin out. So I started getting the "more expensive" brands hoping they will work. The only thing they worked on is my wallet.

I now began phase 2… Growing out the few hairs I have left on my head so I can cover up the balding spots. Then I began to realize I'm trying to revive the 70's hairstyles like the "comb over" or the "Trumpster's Dew". As I was becoming more desperate and depressed about my hair loss, I began checking out all kinds of options… spray paint and powder stuff to cover my bald spots, wigs (sorry, Hair Replacement Systems) to very painful and very costly hair transplants.

After I saw how ridiculous I looked painting my scalp, how everyone, but myself, noticed I had a wig on my head and got sick to my stomach watching videos on hair transplant procedures, I begin to consider one of the two more commonly used options… Rogaine/ Minoxidil or Propecia.

I first tried Propecia which is the easier option; a little pill once a day. I was ok with going to my doctors every couple of months to get my prescriptions (which is NOT COVERED under insurance) however I was not ok with getting my blood drawn every so often (I am horrified of needles) and let's not forget on little thing… there was a good chance I can't get an erection anymore!

I decided to give Minoxidil a try. Rogaine is the premium brand when it comes to Minoxidil products. It is the easiest to get a hold of and doesn't need a prescription and let's not forget, considerably less expensive. After about a year of a twice-a-day routine, I noticed I'm at least not loosing anymore hair and it feels and looks a bit thicker, I even notice some growth as well. However, the years went by, I began to notice it is not working like it use to. So I switched to a generic less expensive Minoxidil product to save a few bucks. But I am a creature of habit and still remain loyal to my routine not to mention fearful I would lose the few hairs I have left.

As time went by I was down to my last couple of hairs and hats were part of my everyday attire now. Running out of time and hair I took it upon myself, out of pure desperation, to come up with something that might help. I came up with a natural product called MinoxiBoost to help Minoxidil and other topical hair loss products work better, and it does however, growing my hair back was only half the battle.

The decades of depression, lack of self confidence and no self-esteem became my bigger hurdle to overcome. I would avoid going to daytime gatherings, swimming parties, and reunions. The few times I would go out it would only be at night and dark places is where I would be found. I always had my back to a wall so no one would see the bald spot on the back of my head. Let's not forget I would were a hat every chance I got… even while making love! Decades of my life were lost do to my insecurities of my hair loss. I let myself go gaining 50+ pounds and raggedy sweats were the clothing of choice. I even attempted to perform my own hair transplant when I found out how expensive it was.

After years of therapy I began to realize, that I am not the only one that is dealing with major depression due to their hair loss. As I grew to accept the fact that I will NEVER have the hair I had when I was in my teens, I can however make the best out of what I DO have!

Each person is affected by their hair loss differently, however one thing is consistent among the follicly challenged; No One Likes It and is Always Seeking The Hair Loss Fountain of Youth. Just remember… Confidence breads confidence; if you show others that it no big thing, then other will see it the same way :)

Billions are spent on helping us with our hair falling out, but very little in support for us falling into depression over it. It is so very important to have an outlet to share personal experiences dealing with our hair loss, the challenges we face with depression and how to deal with it. I hope my experiences will inspire others to share there's, to help others understand… they are not alone and most importantly, support is but a click away… 24 hours a day thanks to Alopecia World.

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