I was wondering if anyone has found an extremely realistic wig. I would really like to be able to pull my (wig) hair behind my ears and not have to worry about it looking unnatural. I play a lot of sports and need to be able to pull my hair back. Cost isn't an issue. I currently have a locks of love piece, but i have had it for a few years now and it is starting to fall apart. The only problem with the locks of love wig is that the hairline didn't look very convincing, and i always had to keep my hair over my ears. Thanks for the help!

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Comment by Pat on April 26, 2011 at 11:51pm
It must be a pain in the you know what to be so into active sports and not wear your hair back. Is your current wig a suction/vacuum wig? They are good but the hairline isn't convincing. Wigs are annoying that way. The most convincing hairline in a wig in my experience is lace wigs - but around the ears is still the most difficult area to camouflage. I always tie mine back in a low ponytail and leave some shorter hair in front to soften the look. I use this method at the gym and when I used to jog.
Comment by Anna Urrutia on April 27, 2011 at 2:51am
I have just found the realist wig I have ever come across. Its from the Raquel welch collection its called the Contessa human hair lace front,hand tied & it molds to your head. I love it. I have gone through soooooo many wigs and finally I'm happy.
Comment by Dominique Cleopatra on April 27, 2011 at 10:27am
I put my bonded on hair system behind my ears all the time, and can put it in a pony tail. Look up hair integration systems or bonded on hair systems in your area to find out more information. If you have any other questions let me know. If you have a few bucks to spend, it could be just what you're looking for!
Comment by Trish on April 27, 2011 at 11:40am
For a super cheap idea, this is what i do. I put just a dab of eyelash glue in key spots around my face, such as the temples and right behind my ears and simply push down on my wig hairs over the glue until it dries (just a few secs) and then brush the rest back. That leaves just a few still glued and it seems very natural. Lasts all day and its very simple to do.
Comment by SutraHuh on April 27, 2011 at 6:39pm
Thanks everybody! And Pat--yes it is a pain in the butt!!! i hate it-lol but i do currently have a locks of love suction piece, but it is very difficult to wear because my hair doesn't completely fall out, and when it does, it only grows back in certain spots. This means my suction piece doesn't always suction or fit right, and in order to make it fit right i have to keep shaving my head. I want to give my hair a chance to grow all the way out. Do you know anything more about the lace wigs?thanks so much for the advice.
Anna-- I looked up the contessa wig--and wow! it looks really realistic, but from the video i watched it looked like you could only wear it if you still have a little bit of hair to mix it in with, is that true? thanks for helping.
Dominique---how do those systems work exactly? Are they specifically for people with damaged or thinning hair? because i currently don't have a lot of my actual hair. Thanks for the idea though, i would love to learn more about the process.
Trish--that is a very creative idea! I think i might try that! Thank you!
Comment by Pat on April 27, 2011 at 10:53pm
Yep that's the thing with a suction, you gotta shave off those bits and pieces for it to work. I use a headblade to shave my head, its quick and it's great. As you're so active a lace wig maybe just the thing for you as they allow your head to breathe. They're not easy to manage though as you have to glue them down or use double sided tape - either way takes time and effort. I got sick of doing that so now wear thinskin base wigs. They're a little like suction but the base is much thinner and the edges a little less obvious. I still use glue at times around the front and ears but I often don't as they are a custom fit and stay in place during normal use. Look up lace wigs on youtube, there are a number of demonstrations of attaching them by various people. It'll give you some idea of what they're like.
Comment by Pat on April 27, 2011 at 11:13pm
Dominique...bonded systems are lace wigs glued to the head right from places like Farrell, hair club etc? They are very expensive. A much cheaper alternative is to have the lace wig custom made yourself and attach them yourself.
Comment by Carmen West on April 28, 2011 at 4:00pm
I am a hairdresser ans have worked with the Locks of Love hairpieces. You need to have a hairline cut all around the Perimeter if your piece to replicate the hairline. (I don't mean to cut a small section that is 2 in. all around the hairpiece) The hair line needs to be many differant lengths as in the christmas icicles lights just to give you the idea.
You also need to have a few hairs cut in front of the ear the fill in this area so you can pull your hair back over the ear with out showing the line of the hairpiece. When you get this done you should be able to wear a pony tail or wear your hair up with out any problem. If you would like to speak with me directly call Carmen at 850-712-3360


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