Hi everyone! hope this blog find you all ok, maybe confuse or a litlte bit frustrated but ok...! I'm writing, because i've some good news that I want toshare with you... I was diagnosed with alopecia on May, by June i shaved my head, by end of July my lost was about 70%, i lost some parts of my eyebrows and the grow was instable on my pubic area. I decided not to do the corticoinjecions, i decided not to continue with the quimical medication. I began acupuncture, meditation, yoga and began being more carefull with my alimentation, lifestyle and specially life atitude!!!!! I recommend that to you all... alopecia change me... alopecia teach me to value the really greatfull things, the INSIDE! now i look at the mirror and i like myself, i look inside me... really inside me... and step by step, day by day i conclude that i'm loving this bald girl in the mirror... my soulmate loves her too, my family loves her too, my friends really admire her too... thanks to the universe, i'm gratefull!
By the end of august i notice regrow on the front of my head, it's a great notice for me... maybe my body decided to stop the attack... it's nice but if he decides that he's better with hair one more month, or one more year, or one day forever...i don't mind also... i just want to be in peace, the equilibrium will come, i believe in that! Best regards for all of you! i just wanted to manifest that i believe that the natural treatments, psicoterapy and changing of atitude really helped me, and i believe that it is responsable for my little regrow! ;)

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Comment by Bald and Fabulous AKA Terri on September 5, 2013 at 2:37pm

that is great. I also come to find balance in my life to be fulfilling. I love who I see in the mirror after years of not even wanting to see my reflection. maybe my hair will grow back and maybe it will fall out again or get no regrowth whats so ever but I know I will still love that woman I see in the mirror. KUDOS to you for finding her too

Comment by Kim on September 23, 2013 at 4:29pm

Awesome blog Catia! I love that you are now able to love & accept yourself. Its such a free'ing, light feeling. So much better than the weight of the stress of alopecia. Our mind and body are so closely connected. I follow a very healthy lifestyle and diet but I just need to get my stress under control. I firmly believe a healthy mind = a healthy body. Its something we all need to work towards. Keep up the with your beautiful positive attitude! You will attract wonderful things into your life.


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