Also I bought a new wig in Russia. Made in Germany from indian hair. About $800.  terrible in compare with europian hair wigs.  will never recommend. It is better to spend double more money but buy european hair wigs.

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Comment by Rose Marie' on September 13, 2014 at 4:05pm


I'm sorry to hear your wig choice didn't work for you.

I'd just like to pass on information about human hair.

The names that companies give human hair are always somewhat confusing.  There are two types of human hair  that are used in wig making.  They are 100% unprocessed virgin human hair or processed human hair.  You need to ask every body that sells wigs what their hair is......if it is processed in any way, you need to understand what that will mean to you as a wearer.  Sometimes sellers of wigs use names like, 'European hair', 'Mongolian hair', 'Russian hair'...all these names mean nothing if the hair is processed.  So people be thoughtful around your choices and ask the question.  

I recently was asked by a lady in New Zealand to try and find out what the hair was in her current wig.  I rang the company and this was the answer I got (so be careful - they didn't lie to me but they also did not answer the question easily).  I asked is the hair in this wig (name they gave it) processed.  The answer was, ' not when it arrives at the factory where it is made'.  I asked...what about when it is being made....they answered..., 'well yes, but it is human hair'.  So the conversation went.  They could not tell me what processes were used on the hair, they did say that it did make the hair dryer etc.and less durable and the proper shampoos etc. need to be used on it (which they would sell to me).  The truth is processed human hair is nothing like 100% unprocessed virgin human hair...those that sell hair know this very well...but many will tell versions of the truth that just don't help the end user.  So be thoughtful and ask the questions you need to about the hair you want in your wig. 

I hope you  find something that works well for you soon. 


Comment by Tatiana on September 13, 2014 at 7:11pm

 I think the one I bought is made of processed hair...

Thank you for great comment.


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