My life as a high school senior

has become extremely difficult. i'm stressed out over everything. i have a lot of pull in my school. as the national honor society president, yearbook editor, and lead & seed (anti drug and alcohol group) president, i always have a lot on my mind. and you know what, dealing with stress and the pressure of being perfect is what i'm best at. i can pull off every single deadline and meet every single requirement for any task. plus more. the only thing that can't handle it... is my hair. it's gone from my entire body almost. it's missing from arms. my legs. and my face. i only have four eyelashes left on my right eye. even that annoying peach fuzz on your upper lip is missing from my face. and i miss it all too. while it may have been that way for years, the hair loss to my scalp is beginning to increase. dramatically. i went from one large bald spot four weeks ago. to three in the last two weeks. and overnight i have two more very large and noticeable bald spots. the total's up to five. and i'm sure there's more on their way because i'm addicted to being in charge and i love doing it.

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Comment by BTB (John) on April 9, 2012 at 2:19am
Alopecia is just deavastating no matter what age we are, and the loss of anything including hair has to be grieved for.
Comment by Carmen West on April 9, 2012 at 5:54pm

Hi Jamie,
You may want to consider looking into a a hairpiece. You don't want to wait till the last minute before you find just any solution. As a Senior this is the time you have so many things going on with the final year in High School. I have been working with the Follea hairpieces and the Toppette Hair Extensions, this my be something you should check out. go to to see. Check out the video from Charlotte, NC
Carmen West, Master Hair Stylist
Specializing in Cutting Human Hair Prosthesis.

Comment by jamie on April 9, 2012 at 7:52pm

thanks guys, actually i got some good advice from one of the other high school girls on here. she also showed me some sites as well - but most importantly, she got her hairpiece from locks of love. and i believe that i'm going to apply for one as well. i'm usually very organized, so hopefully this will all fall in place as well.

Comment by Jackie on April 9, 2012 at 10:05pm

Ohmygod hun, you're involved in hs! that's really awesome! c: It does seem really stressing though especially with the whole hairloss thing. I guess that's the downside. When I'm stressed out about alopecia or I think too much about it, I draw or listen to music. Yoga helps a lot too. Even for just a few minutes. c: It clears le head. lol ^-^ I'm jealous that you're so perf and organized. Im like the opposite. harahar kkbai
-Jackie xxx


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