I am 27 Iranian girl, beautiful but bald.

In Iran, wearing hejab(scarf) is mandatory from government for women because of religious issues and religious government so I had the chance to hide my scalp easily like all other women in my country.

I was really busy with school and uni most of my life. 7 years ago I decided to start wearing wig, false lashes and tattooed my brows so I looked very natural. That was because most of young girls in my country have scarf and heavy make up every day, so I was very natural and except old friends nobody didn't know about my alopecia.

I was feeling good because after that nobody didn't stare me at street or bus or university but I some new problem appeared. some friend ask me "whats your hair paint number and brand?", "which barber shaved you facial hair which is very good?","what cream do you use for this soft skin?you face skin looks like baby face skin, very soft!" and many many annoying questions, its difficult to say:"It's not my hair" or " my skin is soft cause never any hair growth on it" so I am feeling uncomfortable and most of the time I avoid talking very close with new friends, I like to keep the distance, I want to hide my false lashes, I will post my eyes pisture for you guys to see how natural they look. I used to have heavy eyelinear and false lashes from morning to night every day for 6 years, but now my eyes are really tired, tired of that heavy lashes.

I am very positive, I haven't never ever talked anybody about my alopecia! I don't let even my mum talk about it to me because I believe nobody can't help me except me. If I talk about my un-solvable problem to other people nothing would happen. So I am very strong and active, swimming, studying, working, having a great husband, having a good life.

I would tell my marriage story in another post if you like.

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Comment by sabina on January 20, 2014 at 4:42pm

Thanks Aimee. I did.


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