I would say, I joined this site to feel as if I were not the only one with this. My story started last year September. One lonely little patch my barber pointed out to me. I thought nothing of it and blamed him for the ordeal. It grew over time and started spreading. How depressed I felt, having to wear a hat everyday. Waste of time going to the doctor spent money to no avail. That point in my life I found was very stressful, mostly financial.

I said to myself just wait it out, my collection of caps grew exponentially. Why u wearing cap at night? I feel for you guys. Almost a year has past, I would say like about a month or two now just as my hair started falling outward I noticed it growing back inwards. First the major patch started growing thin, even some white hair. I was relieved. The last patch sill visible somewhat has grown back. My beard is another story.

I know there are different forms of alopecia, I'm grateful for my regrowth, I just had to wait it out. I don't know if this cycle will reoccur, but for now I'm relieved at not having to wear a hat to work.

I'm glad for a site like this to share my experience, and to say to those out there, don't give up. I guess I can attribute my immune attack to the stressful environment I was in. I now try to take thing calmly, and thankful to my friends, family who supported me over the last year.

Thats all, Thanks

Peace out

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Comment by justincase1004 on August 5, 2012 at 2:10am

I feel ya man. I wear hats all the time but am worried about my job. I'm a teacher, which kind of sucks because kids have no idea what to say or do. I haven't had too much of an issue until now and like you the financials are hurting pretty bad looking for treatments. I'm going through this with you


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