A month from now will make a year that I was no longer able to hide my alopecia & chose to cover it with wigs. Last spring I had a head full of hair & the promise from doctors that the two itty bitty patches hidden underneath all my thick hair could be taken care of. They were wrong, my alopecia had different plans & abruptly made an even bigger appearance as it quickly diffused over my whole head. I was always the girl who kept my hair long, I hated even going to get my ends trimmed with the fear that the hairdresser would chop off too much. I've never got my eyebrows done because I was very pleased with my natural shape, I've never applied mascara, and I barely ever touched make up. I had loved a natural appearance. From lack of never using makeup I was terrible at drawing on fake eyebrows, later on I luckily found a solution for that (temporary tattoos from beautifullbrows have been a life saver.) I had always had silky easy to manage hair, so every wig I came to posess only disappointed me & made me feel like I was missing something. But about a month and a half ago I finally found a wig that looks just like my old hair. So that's how long it's taken me to feel normal again, a little shy of a year. I think the best thing any of us can do in this situation is find things that help us look how we want to. I've seen some really depressing posts on here, about others feeling ugly, that bald isn't beautiful, but alopecia could strike anybody, and under neath everybody's head of hair is a bald scalp; what differentiates us is our features. I can not believe not having hair makes you ugly even if I never would have opted to being bald. I've never looked at a person and admired soley their hair, but I've admired eyes, smiles, jaw lines .... Their hair was just there & it can be there for us too regardless if it's growing out of our scalp or a wig. There's millions of people WITH hair, wearing wigs & extensions so there is no reason we can't do the same. In the beginning of all this when guys would hit on me, I'd always tell them I'm bald to see their reaction, and I never had any one run away. My point of this post is to tell any of the other ladies on here going thru this, be confident that you are beautiful, as beautiful as you were before you lost your hair, nobody has the features you do; accentuate those features and make sure you own them. Don't ever feel like this makes you less, don't you realize how awesome it is not having to shave & still being smooth?! Lol that is by far my favorite part of all of this. Okay rant over, I wish you all the best on your journey with alopecia. :)

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Comment by JessicaU on July 13, 2015 at 11:03pm
This is a great phrase, "under neath everybody's head of hair is a bald scalp" Agreed and I also think the best thing anyone can do in this situation is find things that help them look however they feel confident be that bald or with hair. Well said. :)


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