I went to the dermalologist yesterday to get more cortisone shots and he told me that my scalp was too thin and he could not do any more shots until my head heals. He said it would take it about 2 years to heal. He took a complete blood count and everything was good. Does anyone use clobetosol propionate gel, 0.05%? Will that also make my scalp thin and I dont know if I should continue to use it if my scalp is already too thin! I need help!

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Comment by Jennifer Krahn on July 10, 2009 at 3:55pm
I did use it, and like any steroid it will have thinning effects on the skin. I found my scalp got quite irritated with the clobetosol . I began to get acne which is one of the side effects. Hope that helps.
Comment by Sharan on July 10, 2009 at 5:57pm
Hey Misty, the only advice(harsh I'm afraid) I can give is to say get out the vicious circle of 'possible' treatments/remedies. Be kind to yourself. I have no hair but I certainly dont want to wound my delicate skin repeatedly. My alopecia has always been too severe for injections but docs said if i wanted to try, I could. Its this that i am against. Professionals,who know the chances are slim/inappropriate but encourage things on probably for a training excercise! Not scarring my head is probably a good thing in hindsight. Aged 17 I would have rubbed a cow pat on my head if i thought it would bring it back. 23 years later I live a life without wigs(after 15yrs), so very glad i didnt scar my head all those years ago. I totally understand the how frantic it feels to find something that will restore your hair, but this can and will consume you.Life will pass you by and opportunities lost, you deserve better. Warmest wishes


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