My brother was staying with me for awhile when he was 14. I noticed him getting a bald spot on his thick full head of hair. I didn't think anything of it I thought he was pulling his hair out of his head from a nervous habit but turns out it was beginning of alopecia. He was just starting to get depressed about that situation when my husband and I decided to buy him a guitar. He would play for hours on his guitar in the basement. It was a good outlet for him when he was down. Shortly after that our dad suddenly fell ill and they diagnosed him with stomach cancer. Our dad passed away a year later. My brother was only 16 lost his hair and his dad. He did have a girlfriend at the time so that was a good thing and he was involved with the church so in spite of all that was going on he was coping well. Soon after he broke it off with his girlfriend and joined a band. As he lost more and more hair he contacted a place called wigs for kids and he had few wigs donated in the beginning but I think he doesn't qualify anymore. He ended up getting in a band that was growing in popularity in our area. They were doing well and my brother was a nice addition to the band. He began ordering human hair wigs and having the style to go with his band look. He has since lost all the hair on his body his eyelashes and his eyebrows. His hair kind of covers where his eye brows should be. His band has been doing well as far as emerging fame but financially they are still making a little money here and there. My brother has come out publicly and told his fans that he has alopecia even though he wears wigs. I give him a lot of credit. He didn't let alopecia hold him back from his dreams. I see him as an inspiration. He is very open, honest and approachable in spite of his rockstar status.

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