In my circles a wig is worn when marriage occurs, until then it is not considered the norm (This explains why they were talking about a wig during the wedding/marriage)
I work for my mom in a special education preschool in the summer. My mom told me one of the teachers who is about 3 years older then me uses the fill in powder I use in my hair (I dont know if she knows I know that she uses it, most people don't know she uses it ). I have been debating on/trying to get the courarge to approach her and ask her if she has alopecia or somthing else and how she copes but I still can't bring myself to do it. Today I had the same lunch break with her and a few other girls. I was listening to a conversation between her and a few other staff members.
girl questioning:Did you ever grow your hair long
girl answers: No, because I have really thin hair
girl questioning : Is it your custom to wear a wig by the wedding, are you going to wear one ?
girl anserwers:I am going to wear one because I Want to
girl questioning: I dont like to wear a wig it is hard to get used to...

Basically the whole point of this is that I was amazed. The girl with the hair issue had such confidnece and seemed totally comfortable with the conversation. As an outsider who gets these questions about the length of my short hair, I learnt a lot. It was cool to see someone experience something mirroring mine and dealing with it in an inspiring way.

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Comment by LilyBell*Murphy'sLawLuvsMe on July 25, 2012 at 12:27am

She seems pretty open to discussing her hair issues. Perhaps in private you could tell her you overheard her speaking so open and with such convidence that you hoped you could learn to do the saem concerning your own thinning hair. Then see if she is willing to talk more - I am guessing she might like to talk to someone near her own age that is dealing with the same issue.

Comment by Marinetta on July 25, 2012 at 7:39am

Well this girl seems confident, I agree with LilyBell (as an addition to my previous answer in my blog). I believe I have had similar conversations with my friends, not at work but say on a bus/cafe and then I would not mind being approached by "one of us". But if I had a different conversation, anything else really, and you noticed my bald spots and that was the reason you approached me. I might fell a bit self consious, but maybe not quite so alone.


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