If I were my brows and lashes...where would I be??

They're gone, except for the odd random lash or brow. I miss the brows especially. Since January of this year I have pretty much lost every hair on my body. Everything below the waist, I say so long and farewell...but for everything above the neck...ouch...this hurts. I have two great wigs and my GI Jane look, but wondering if anyone has the name of any brands of eyeliner or brow pencils that don't erase when you waterski, jog etc. Life keeps going...and is going well, hair or no hair. More aerodynamic perhaps?:)

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Comment by Mary Sarra on July 14, 2009 at 1:14pm
Jenn, try going to the site blinkiesonline.com
This site was givin to me by someone on here. I have never tried them, but she said they are really good and inexpensive. I did check it out and figured if they didn't work out I wasn't out a whole lot of money. Good luck in whatever you decide.
Comment by Carol on July 14, 2009 at 1:21pm
From my experience you will at least get some blurring or fading of the drawn on brows when you work up a sweat or get them wet. You could always get some thin brows tattooed on where your real brows were (same colour) and if they ever come back then you won't notice the tattoo underneath. It's a bit pricey from what I hear but if you are very active it could be worth it. My brows and lashes have been teasing me for the past few years now, coming and going but at least they are trying to return. I pluck what I can to thin my brows and draw over top of what I left to complete the half brows I now have but those tattoos are starting to look pretty tempting! As for sweat getting in your eyes, I find head bands and scarves handy for that or just keeping a hanky in your pocket/purse. I do like the GI Jane look myself and she kicks butt!!!
Comment by Lee on July 14, 2009 at 9:16pm
I miss mine too ; ( its the WORST!! For lashes, I have paid a lot ( mylash.com about $20) and I have paid a little ( $5 Revlon) and I actually like the cheap ones better! You just have to trim them a little. If you get ones that already have adhesive on them, and then use a surgical adhesive ( Duo works best) They will stay on ALL DAY.
For brows, if you are not ready to get tattoos yet, they have temporary tattoos that will stay on for a few days in water...kind of like Kid's tattoos.
Comment by Mary on July 15, 2009 at 1:19am
I missed my brows a lot, too. They were very thick and had a mind of their own (photo on my page shows them in the one right after I shaved), and I didn't feel like "me" when they departed. But, I got tattoos (eyeliner and brows) before they were all gone, and that helped me a lot. Not for everyone, but good for me because I'm active and makeup kept coming off. Now it's a year later, and my hair from the neck up is returning. No hair anywhere else on my body, but now I have some eyelashes, and some eyebrow hair (patchy) and nose hair....There is no way to predict. Life keeps going on, and it's beautiful. I recommend lots of new earrings. ( ;-)
Comment by meg on July 15, 2009 at 8:06am
Hey Jenn... The only eyeliner I use is Revlon color-stay in blackberry/mure. It is inexpensive and is waterproof. For the brow, I use pental (brown and grey) markers over my tattoos and draw in short lines to simulate hair, then use pure powder over to make them look less severe. In the video, I had to wipe my eyes a lot to get the eyeliner off! Actually the eyeliner is so good that I have to really work at it each evening to remove it. The blackberry color is the only one that I found that goes on easily and in the amount I need to fake the eyelashes. I have tried two colors of brown and a grey black but they do not work as well going on. I don't use black because it's too much. I have tried eyelashes but I cannot as yet get them to go in the right direction... usually they project down rather than up so I go without. Most people don't see that I am without them, possibly because I wear glasses. The pental markers probably won't work in water but you could try the waterproof eyeliner and see how that works. Have fun experimenting and look for makeup coupons (great way to get a lot of things for the experiment)!
Comment by natalie n. on July 18, 2009 at 12:28pm
I know exactly what you mean! Losing the eyelashes and eyebrows was like the cruel twist in all this. And they sort of fall out slightly later than the big hair which gives you hope at first... I use that phrase so much "from the neck down...". I lately I have been backing that statement up with "I know you are jealous" or something witty like that.
I have some good products that I have found for eyebrows. The MAC makeup counter in most malls is a God-send! It is one makeup line that trains all their employees as makeup artists and their makeup is really bold and long lasting. I'd say go introduce yourself to one of the best looking girls (or boys) at the make up counter and tell them your whole situation and make them use that fancy makeup artist education they were given. They were the ones who taught me how to use fake eyelashes and I wear them everyday now without a hitch. You'll be amazed at how beautiful you'll feel once you have lashes again. You are incredibly beauiful and it shouldn't take much to get you fooling everyone that you've got an enviable mane with lushous lashes. Good luck, chat with me any time for any other makeup or wig hints. I've got a lot of experience in this.
Comment by Courtney Martzall on August 19, 2009 at 4:15pm
I'm fortunate enough to have my eyelashes grow back but they are very very blonde so I too use the Revlon color stay eyeliner. For the eyebrows, I find that using a brownish color eyeshadow and a brush to apply it looks more natural than a pencil. Might try that :) You look beautiful and goodluck it gets easier I promise! I'm 18 and have had it since I was 6 so going through the rough years of Middle School and High School weren't always easy but that's why you need people like this!


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