I think I need to join wig-buyers anonymous

Yep - I bought another one. Seriously, I think I have a problem. Buying wigs is SO FUN!! This one is really long!! I'll post pictures of it after I get it fitted tomorrow. And, tomorrow is the big day - I'm shaving my head. Actually, the woman who fits and styles my wigs is going to shave it (she owns her own salon...see previous blogs). I'm going to have her shave it the first time and show me how. I'm kind of excited about it. At least it will all be one length then. I'm having spots of regrowth - and my head is a patchy mess. At least this way, whatever is going to grow, will all do it at the same time.

Some of my eyelashes are growing back. WAHOO!! Except that they are growing straight into my eyeballs and stabbing me. Is that normal?

Last pictures of my patchy head...

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Comment by Lori M on October 14, 2008 at 6:28pm
Me too! I should join too! I buy a wig but unfortunately I get it home and regardless of how we try to cut the thing I pretty much hate them.....I am glad you are having more luck than me.....I haven't worked up the gutts to shave my head yet.... When I find the wig that is "the one" I will get whatever hair I have left cut short so the wig don't slide all over my head. I have to wait until I lose more hair before I do the shave thing.... That terrifies me at this point.....LOL.

Are the wigs you are buying synthetic hair, human hair? You do have to post pics of the new wig for sure. I am glad that you have found a wig that has made you happy. That is an awesome thing!
Comment by jamie1 on October 15, 2008 at 8:35am
Hi Rachel, I'm more of an addictive hat buyer. When I was younger I wore a wig. It made me look like one of The Monkee's. (arrrgh!) Don't be too surprized if, after you get shaved, your wig "addiction" subsides. You and I share a very simaliar hairloss pattern. After I shaved off the patches, I became addicted to shaving.(LOL) It looks so much better and feels so liberating.
Comment by Reen on October 15, 2008 at 2:50pm
I love wigs... and i WANT to get more, but I haven't right now.

I am a scarf buying addict!


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