I have the diagnosis, what do I do?

Hi, my name is Crissy. In August 2013 I noticed a patch missing in my hair, went straight to the doctor, did all the medical tests and diagnosed my with Alopecia A. and then sent me on my way not able to help with anything or give me advice or coping strategies. Every strand of hair I lost came with fear, tears and confusion. Does anyone really know what alopecia is and how to make it stop? I now have almost complete baldness, my eyebrows and the rest of the hair on my body keep disappearing. From my research I think I may have universalis.  Will it ever grow back? How does everyone cope? I have been wearing hats and bought wigs, I don't really like wigs it doesn't feel like me, but I can't strut my baldness. I have a bit of hair left and I think I may just shave it off on Saturday with help from my friends if I can stand showing my head. I have a great man in my life I explained my situation to him and he seems understanding but can he really accept my baldness? I was thinking of getting him to shave it for me and he was happy to be the one to do it. Is this a good Idea? My friend who did have alopecia gave me this website to help, her hair however did grow back but is there hope for me? How long does it take to grow back? who do I talk to? Does anyone know if homeopathic medical work at all? I would love to hear from anyone on this site and talk to anyone about your alopecia and how you are doing with it and how to make it less scary! I have never been to confident, I have always been shy. I would love to hear your story!

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Comment by Emma on January 15, 2014 at 6:13am


Im so sorry to hear your story and how you are struggling, My hair loss started in July 2013, (you can read my blog if your interested) and I shaved it all off in December. Sounds like you may have the Universalis as Areata effects your head only I think.

Have you tried a decent wig? I have a fairly good one its been cut to suit me by a hairdresser. So it feels more natural.

Believe me the head shave is the way forward there is no point holding on to very little hair, it stresses you out more. As everyday your seeing the loss and having to deal with it, which makes things worse. Its actually quite ok to have a bald head and if your partner doesn't get it, then its his loss. You are more than your hair - right? :)

I don't think men have such an issue with  image as women do if im honest.

I hope that helps, and lastly try not to spend money on stuff as I don't believe things work for everyone.

Good luck if you decide to shave.

Comment by Crissy on January 15, 2014 at 7:32pm

hi, thanks, i am very thankful that my friend gave me this website, it is much better when you don't feel alone. I have cheaper wigs to start with. I think I will go and see if i could find a good one. I will let my bf shave it for me, he seems stoked to lol, and i will have no choice but to face it and him. I will post pics of before and after another way to face it and this seems like a safe place to strut the bald, I admire everyone who has put up pics on here. That is right we are all more then hair!! again thank you!!

Comment by Tallgirl on January 20, 2014 at 11:09pm

Read all the blogs, forums and archives...even old ones. There is a discussion about almost every imaginable topic related to hair loss and wigs on this site.

Comment by Niece on January 23, 2014 at 10:01pm

I know exactly how you feel...lost all my hair in three months AU.


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