As maybe you have seen on my profile it all started when I was 11, starting what we call in Mexico Junior High School or Middle School I guess.. so I was having this Instruction course before classes, you know, to meet other students and see how it all works at this new level. So it was kind of harder for me because I studied for 6 years in the same school and I loved it, I didn't even want to accept that I was growing up, you see when you start puberty you're only caring about how your face and body look like and I wanted to continue with my childhood. But at this time I've to also start caring about losing my hair.

So! this "losing hair" stuff made me go crazy, literally... My mom took me to the hairstylist, and.. after that cut, I think.. I didn't realize hair was not going to stay for much longer. It was a summer break after that Instruction course and then classes just started... the alopecia started it's show on my head too... I didn't want to go to school.. I disliked it so much! I didn't want to wear a wig and my mom, said, you've to go to school, I'm not going to let you stay here at home, you've to keep going.

And of course there were too many arguments,
Mine was: "how come?? Why do you want me to go to school?? get bullied?? oh no! I don't want that!" yeahh poor me that's the only thing I had in mind, but that's the only way you understand why these things happen.
My Mom's was: "you girl (like with this face D:<) come on! I know u can! school is important!! you've to go! " and yeah she was right, she is still right and the only thing I saw by that time was... ohh poor me... she doesn't know... she hates me... while of course, she was on the contrary just loving me and didn't let me feel sorry about me and "life against me".
My dad's was, well he was actually concerned about me, how I was feeling, that if I couldn't or want it I could stay at home... so he stayed in silence most of the times...
My little sister, well she was also dealing with her own problems and yeah heh she was just 5 years old.

Then, I skip school like more than 3 month, really? oh yeah! why not? and guess what... I've got this incredible parents that fought for me! Mom of course, made me understand a lot of things, but not by that time, oh noes! My mom went too many times to talk to the headmaster, and the headmaster said, well she can start classes again next year and Mom, ok then give me all of her documents, she is moving to another school (yeah it was a private school). Then dunno how or why, but by January I was there and for everyone's surprise (even for me) this was awesome, because at the end of that trimester guess what? lol I was in the school's Honor roll of GPA .. heh! yep.. why not? and I was also wearing a wig lol trying to deal with them.

So I think it's possible I didn't lose that school year at that time.. thanks to my parents who encouraged me who really supported me, I think they're the perfect couple lol or at least they complement each other pretty well :) to show my sister and me that there's not just obligations but also feelings. I'm so thankful for having them as my parents..

And yeah that's how it all began...

Ps. please don't pay too much attention on my grammar, I know it's not my strongest point, not at least in English heh

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Comment by Tallgirl on July 27, 2011 at 1:27pm
Congratulations on the good grades. Go hug those wonderful parents!
Comment by Gabby on July 27, 2011 at 2:40pm
:) thanks for reading! :D x0x0 yep I'll do that ;D
Comment by Angie on July 27, 2011 at 2:46pm
Thanks Gabby!

We need to hear good stories, Thank you for sharing with us.

Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.


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