HELP.. Wig advice, synthetic that is going REALLY frizzy.

I knew when I bought this wig that it was a cheap synthetic wig, that being said, I still thought that it would last more than a week. I have only been wearing it for a week, maybe two and only on the days that I have gone out to do things in the afternoon/evening with friends, maybe 5-6 times. The back part now feels stringy and looks like half of the hair is broken and really frizzy. Walking up to me you would not really notice it but it feels horrible and gets knotted really easily and I end up having to brush it a bunch throughout the day to make sure it sits right. I am wondering if anyone knows of any products or anything that I can do to fix it because I really like the style and the place that I bought it from said that it was a final sale so I haven't gone back to do anything about it yet. It is just a stand that was in the mall, I don't expect a lot as for money back or anything so I am at this point not even looking at that as an option. I will definitely see if they will replace it or something but like I said, not counting on it. Looking to see if anyone on here as any other advice on how to fix it to make it look better in the mean time.


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Comment by Tallgirl on April 7, 2009 at 12:22pm
Synthetic wigs have to be held with one hand and slowly untangled with a metal, not plastic (which causes static), prongged comb made just for wigs. The wig has to be kept out of excessive sun, heat, and even off a heated neck (long wigs friz at the neck). Never wear it over stoves, dryers, microwaves, steam bins, candles, incense, hot water. Do not comb often or pull it. It is not real hair, so combing with one hand naturally will pull hairs out. How have you been treating this wig? Can you go to a professional wig shop next time?
Comment by Lori Cummings on April 7, 2009 at 12:31pm
I am sorry to say that after 24 yrs and various types and styles of wigs, there really is no cure once they start going frizzy. Synthetic is technically plastic. Regular hair products will cause the frizz too. I have never had one frizz after a week, though! Sometimes a conditioning spray might help. I buy shampoo for synthetic hair and conditioning spray I actually make myself with a thimble full of liquid fabric softener in a 8oz spray bottle of water. I use almond scented, smells nice and is way cheaper than the ones on the market. There is also a styling cream that is sold at most wig shops and online. It is kind of a cross between gel and mousse for regular hair. Try ebay they sell lots of wig care stuff and is also reliable. Hope this helps!! I know all you want is to look nice while doing the wig thing, it can have its challenges. Blessings to you!!
Comment by Tenille Gee on April 7, 2009 at 6:34pm
I have been brushing it quite a bit because it has gotten so frizzy and it feels horrible, I wish that someone had told me all of the stuff that you said Tallgirl. I have been brushing it while it is on I knew not to have it in heat but they told me that it would have to be excessive, normal wear would be fine, I am guessing because it is at the back of my neck that it is frizzing that is what has caused it. I have been using a pronged comb though, bought from a professional wig shop and using wig shampoo and conditioner as well as a spray, leave-in conditioner. I will definitely try the mix that Lori suggested, thank you. Really wish they had gone through all of the warnings ahead of time but I guess that is what I get for going cheap right? I will definitely look into something else soon. My first wig I bought from the Bay wig shop and it is really nice but VERY full, feels a lot like a stiff hat and isn't very comfortable. Also $300 I bought it a year ago and haven't worn it because my hair loss has been very gradual up until now. I love the idea of having a bunch of them and changing it all the time but if they are only going to last a week then it is definitely better off to spend the money on one good one. oh well, I guess such is life right? Maybe I should just go with my first instinct and shave it off and go bald. Could probably find some cool scarves and hats and things, anyone know where to buy those? and anyone know where I can get the confidence to go bare?
Comment by amanda~ on April 10, 2009 at 6:55pm
I am just wondering, how frequently are you washing it? I ask becuase synthetic hair wigs only require washing maybe once every 3-4 weeks. As well you must air dry the synthetic wigs, a blowdrying will fry the hair immediately with its heat. Back in the day when I wore synthetic wigs, I learned this one the hard way and maybe you already know this, but you really should not use the oven wtih a synthetic hair wig on, because it can easily melt the hair and cause further frizzing. I don't know if any of this is helpful, but I hope so. just a few tips. All the best.
Comment by Tenille Gee on April 10, 2009 at 11:21pm
Thanks Amanda, I was told that you should wash the synthetic wigs every 3-4 days though? Not sure. Anyways, I think that I am going to have to go with a human hair wig because I am a manager at McDonalds and I often have to help in the grill area so I don't think they are going to work, I was told about the hair dryer but was told that it would be ok around the kitchen. Also, I think if i left my wigs for any longer than a day or two without washing it with the amount of grease that gets on it it would be really gross.


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