ok so i was talking with tommy (and gasping for breath) read on and u will know y. the dude frickin cracks me up. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM IF U DONT READ THE IM::

leighbaby1995 (10:37:05 PM): lol. but if she does tell me whether or not she does, im not telling u
leighbaby1995 (10:37:30 PM): you will know if its yes or no
boodwarski (10:38:12 PM): ok...
leighbaby1995 (10:38:18 PM): just trust me
boodwarski (10:38:27 PM): with wat?
leighbaby1995 (10:38:41 PM): you'll know eventually
boodwarski (10:38:46 PM): how?
leighbaby1995 (10:39:11 PM): u just will. i hope, if i can get ashleigh to freakin talk
boodwarski (10:39:30 PM): how will i know if i cant see
boodwarski (10:39:33 PM): or if u dont tell me
leighbaby1995 (10:39:48 PM): u ask a lot of questions
boodwarski (10:39:56 PM): IM CONFUZZLED
leighbaby1995 (10:40:04 PM): TRUST ME U WILL KNOW
boodwarski (10:40:07 PM): OK
leighbaby1995 (10:40:27 PM): hahahahaha its hysterical how confused u r
boodwarski (10:40:33 PM): U KNOW DONT U
boodwarski (10:40:40 PM): U R MESSING WITH MY MIND
leighbaby1995 (10:40:58 PM): im gasping for breath here
boodwarski (10:41:09 PM): CUZ UR LAFFING AT ME UR SO CRUEL
leighbaby1995 (10:41:18 PM): my sides...hurt
boodwarski (10:41:25 PM): FEEL THE PAIN
leighbaby1995 (10:41:34 PM): DAMMIT TOMMY I AM
boodwarski (10:41:50 PM): NOT SO FUNNY NOW IS IT
leighbaby1995 (10:41:58 PM): HAHA STILL FUNNY
boodwarski (10:41:59 PM): HARDY
boodwarski (10:42:00 PM): HAR
boodwarski (10:42:02 PM): HAR
boodwarski (10:42:09 PM): lol
leighbaby1995 (10:42:12 PM): R U TRYING TO KILL ME?
boodwarski (10:42:18 PM): POSSIBLY
leighbaby1995 (10:42:20 PM): BY LACK OF OXYGEN
boodwarski (10:42:24 PM): IN
boodwarski (10:42:25 PM): OUT
boodwarski (10:42:26 PM): IN
boodwarski (10:42:27 PM): OUT
boodwarski (10:42:28 PM): IN
boodwarski (10:42:29 PM): OUT
leighbaby1995 (10:42:34 PM): UUUURRR CUREL
boodwarski (10:42:46 PM): LOL I AM ENJOYING MYSELF
leighbaby1995 (10:42:58 PM): O.M.G.
boodwarski (10:43:00 PM): ?
leighbaby1995 (10:43:05 PM): I KNOW SOMETHING U DONT KNOW
boodwarski (10:43:12 PM): GEE WONDR WAT
leighbaby1995 (10:43:13 PM): I KNOW SOMETHING U DONT KNOW
boodwarski (10:43:17 PM): SHUT UP
leighbaby1995 (10:43:21 PM): HAHA
boodwarski (10:44:15 PM): OK I WILL STOP
leighbaby1995 (10:44:37 PM): *IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT* IM ENJOYING MY OXYGEN
boodwarski (10:44:54 PM): U WUD BE DED IF UR WERNT
leighbaby1995 (10:45:05 PM): LOL DON'T KILL ME PLZ
leighbaby1995 (10:45:11 PM): TEEHEE
boodwarski (10:45:18 PM): FATALITY
boodwarski (10:45:23 PM): TEEHEE
leighbaby1995 (10:45:26 PM): PHAHAHAHA
boodwarski (10:45:31 PM): HEHEHEHEHEEHHEHEHEH
leighbaby1995 (10:52:58 PM): my mom thinks ur hysterical btw
boodwarski (10:52:59 PM): lol
boodwarski (10:53:03 PM): WHO DOESNT
boodwarski (10:53:10 PM): OH EM GEE
leighbaby1995 (10:53:15 PM): IDK THEYRE CRAZY IF THEY DONT
boodwarski (10:53:17 PM): UR MOMMY IS NICE I SAY HI
leighbaby1995 (10:53:28 PM): LOL OK ONE SEC
boodwarski (10:53:31 PM): OK
leighbaby1995 (10:54:42 PM): MY MOM SAYS HI
boodwarski (10:54:47 PM): O BOY
leighbaby1995 (10:54:53 PM): LOL WAT
boodwarski (10:54:56 PM): I FEEL POPULAR
leighbaby1995 (10:55:05 PM): PHAHAHA xD
boodwarski (10:55:08 PM): xD
leighbaby1995 (10:55:28 PM): IM GONNA BURST A LUNG BC OF U ONE OF THESE DAYS
boodwarski (10:56:01 PM): LOL
leighbaby1995 (10:56:19 PM): LOL U WILL RUPTURE AN ORGAN HOW NICE
boodwarski (10:56:40 PM): NOT VRY NICE AT ALL
leighbaby1995 (10:56:51 PM): HAHA THTS JUST HOW HYSTERICAL U R
boodwarski (10:58:03 PM): HEHE
leighbaby1995 (10:58:08 PM): haha
boodwarski (10:58:37 PM): hoho
leighbaby1995 (10:58:56 PM): hehe
leighbaby1995 (10:59:16 PM): ashleigh signed off without answering me!
leighbaby1995 (10:59:28 PM): o btw the thing u didnt know is tht she never answered
boodwarski (11:00:01 PM): NUH UH
boodwarski (11:00:04 PM): UR LYING
leighbaby1995 (11:00:11 PM): NO IM NOT
boodwarski (11:00:15 PM): lol
leighbaby1995 (11:00:17 PM): RNT I CRUEL
boodwarski (11:00:23 PM): VRY
leighbaby1995 (11:00:35 PM): YESH IM SRY BUT I COULD NOT RESIST

ok im still trying to breath in and out. the dude will rupture my lungs one of these days. sry i felt the sudden urge to blog about tommy. i think i still like him Dx so im probably going to break up with zac. *sigh* me nd my emotions. i've made a resoloution. im not going to go out with ANYONE unless i feel as strongly about htem as i do tommy. and im not sure thats ppossible. i think i really love him. but he likes someone else....but what i don't get it the other nite he was going on nd on about how he was really glad to have me around,and that im his best friend. and i was shootin bac kthe same stuff at him. then he's like "i really like her and all but i just don't see myself talk with her very...deeply" AND THATS HOW WE WERE TALKING. DEEPLY, OPENLY, AND HONESTLY. he's just confusing me sooooooooooo much! the song "you belong with me" by taylor swift came on today and i started cry about the realization that it was exactly like the way i feel about tommy. i think i REALLY LOVE HIM. none of that puppy love crap. its been over a month since he broke up with me and i still cry about him, and i still love him. i always knew in my heart that he was different than everyone else. he was special and i think i would literally die without him at this point. he knows every detail about me except 2 things. 1)i'm in love with him. 2) my alopecia. somehow i just think if i told him it would ruin my friendship like it did with cole. i never talk to him anymore. he doesn't talk to me. so i refuse to do that to another friendship. i know i live by this "never make someone your everything, because when theyre gone, you will have nothing." but tommy is everything to me and if i loose him...i don't know how i could live. i know i'd never have the guts for it, but when i think about loosing him, the word suicide comes to mind. and peeps, don't freak out cuz i promised myself a long time ago when i realized what was going on with my alopcia that i would never commit suicide, no matter how rough things got. everytime i see him i just silently beg him to give me a hug and say everythings gonna be all right. i could never be truly happy without him in my life. i know it in my heart. i just need one good night of crying on a friends shoulder (i wish it was his!) and i'll be able to get through it. well thts enough for me tonite. bye. :(

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Comment by Courtney on November 27, 2008 at 1:16pm
omg if he accepted it i would die of happiness.
Comment by Courtney on December 4, 2008 at 5:16pm
it's not worth the possiblity of loosing him. and...well...i don't really know but im sure austin told him about the 'incident' in october. i don't like to think about it. and if i tell him i have no idea how it will affect everything. but im not sure i wanna know...and i'm getting closer and closer to getting back together with him again it's not even funny.


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