- When I first found out

First time I found out I had alopecia was back in October, I would get my haircut every 2 weeks. While my barber was cutting my hair he noticed a little bald spot on the back of my head. He told me surprised " yo bro you got alopecia ", he shows me the bald spot and at first I thought he had just made a mistake. I head home and do some research and I find out, my heart dropped. It was an autoimmune disease. (Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with vitiligo and it was tough, the good thing is that it hasn't spread like crazy like most cases but that's a story for another day). Anyways I started nursing school back in June to become a Lpn and boy was it stressful. Had to study my ass off and work a part time job ( I know people in the program had it even harder with taking care of their kids) I took the gym off my schedule too cause I couldn't fit it in. Well I'm doing well in school, everything was going great then I got the news I had gotten a new autoimmune disease.

During those first 2 weeks of October, I had still believed my barber just had messed up my hair and was in denial that I had alopecia, but then my hair started to grow back.. just not on that spot. In school I tried hiding it so much, brushed my hair over it and everything. One day after school I went to work and knowing what I learned about alopecia is that pulling your hair youll find out if you have any other spots, I did so and using my index and thumb I started checking. I check the back of my head in the other side where my first bald spot was at and pulled a bunch of my hair out, I broke down and asked God why me. Asked why did I deserve to have Alopecia and Vitiligo. I asked my boss to leave work early, I head home a speak to my parents about dropping out of school and they said they support my decision. I stayed in school for a few more days during that I grew another spot on the top of my head then I decided to just drop out of school even tho my grades were decent enough to keep moving in the program. That day I changed the way I lived.

- how all my hair grew back

At this point I'm a month and a half in with my 3 bald spots and the first ( the biggest) I changed the way I ate. No more did I eat red meat, junk food or drank beer ( still drank liquor) and it was hard cause man.. it's the best. I also decided to got to bed early and get 8 hours ( a must ), also decided to go back to the gym at least 3-4 times a week (been going since last week of September till now went from weighing 158 to 174 feels so good). But the most important decision I made was get rid of the stress that school had giving me by dropping out, by no means am I saying go do that, everyone's different but that's where all my stress was coming from so I had to make that decision. Stress was what I believe the number 1 thing that did this. Did all of this and white hair started to grow back in my first spot, I got so happy ( cause cmom it's hair growth) I went online to check what this meant and was disappointed in most of the answers I saw, (at this point I had to start cutting my hair on my own cause it was getting longer and was to embarrass to go to the barber shop and let everyone see my spots, so I went to Walmart and bought my own machine and started doing my own hair.) But I still stuck to my plans of eating good and not eating any junk, going to the gym, sleeping early, and no stress. Few months pass and I see a lot white thin hair grow on both of the spots on the back of my head.. then I checked the small spot I had of the top of my head, the hair growing back was think and black, j cried tears of joy. At this point I thanked God for at least giving me back the hair on that 3rd bald spot. 2 months pass by and my second spot in the back of my head was gone all black hair, so more tears of joy Haha. Now a few weeks ago the first bold spot ( the biggest one ) was growing back some black hair ass well with a few white hairs mixed in, I couldn't help to smile so hard. I now can get my first hair cut since September, I gave myself a number 1 around my head just to check if had any new spots and everything is perfect, And hopefully start school in September too( not nursing tho cause.. that shit was stressful)

Tip: I used scissors to trim my white hairs whenever they got to long and it helped grow my black hairs

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Comment by diana on June 10, 2017 at 8:07am

love your story and so happy for you.  yes stress  is the number one factor tht affects the body and can cause alopecia depending on your genes.  it's what stress does to the body inside that starts with the weakest link for our bodies which is the hair.  for others is causes so many other health issues.  it starts with leaky gut syndrome.  try to read up on this.  you did the right thing.  got rid of stress, diet change.no processed sh*t, no alcohol, plenty of rest.  more power to you.  i have scarring alopecia and did stop it but my patches won't come back.  i cover up with that lovely powder... it's not fun.  anyway thanks for posting and thanks for sharing.  keep up your routine as you don't want crazy stress hitting you again..

Comment by Roggerc on June 10, 2017 at 12:59pm
Thank you so much Diana ! Hope everything turns out good for you as well
Comment by Pat on June 11, 2017 at 10:54pm

Great news...


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