Got wiggy with least I tried some on.

So I went wig shopping (hear the "psycho movie" song in background). What an odd experience. I dealt with someone who wasn't doing this very long and went to a store that had very little in terms of selection, but it was okay. Here were the overall feelings.

1) I didn't bawl like I thought I was going to...instead, I just opened my mind to the idea and tried on different cuts, colours etc.

2) I laughed (never expected that!!)...the lady put an "old lady" wig on me since it was the only one that was my "large head" size, and wow, did it look hilarious!!! My sister freaked out as I looked like my mom...not that that's a horrific thing...but it is weird to morph from a 33 year old to a 65 year old in a matter of seconds.

3)I tried on a long blonde wig (for the hubby's dream)...not a blonde...shucks

4) I tried on a synthetic and human hair wig in my colour...they actually weren't bad.

My fears are still that I won't find something that will fulfill my active lifestyle. I REALLY love the look of the vacuum wigs so I might start saving up. But for everyone that is just starting down this road of AA like myself, the fears of wearing a wig, hiding our heads etc. is real but, the reality of our situations isn't all that bad. Trying on wigs was almost like a step towards acceptance for me. It helped me get over a fear of "I'm going to be ugly, artificial, not myself". I was me...just in different hairstyles...nothing had changed.
Now, granted, this procedure went on for all of 45 minutes...but it was a start. It helped. I'm just hoping that I can continue towards loving myself without hair, but in the's time for me to experiment with the hairstyles I've always wanted.

Cheers and keep smiling

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Comment by Jeff W on April 5, 2009 at 10:47pm
Hey Jenn!
It's nice to see you addressing the possibilies alopecia has brought to your life with such a fun healthy attitude. I'm sure you'll find a wonderful look no matter what!
Take care!
Comment by meg on April 6, 2009 at 10:23am
Hey Jenn,

Good first!! Yup that's what it is all about... knowing that we are not the body. Finding the core of "who we are" that which radiates from the eyes is probably the greatest gift we will ever find or give ourself. The hardest part is getting there, and if alopecia is the thing that makes us aware of our true journey then so be it. As for the wigs... try an inexpensive wig from Paula Young with a headband attached. That way you can still use some of your hair. Headbands in combination with scarves is fashionable so I am told by my Brazilian friends just returning from their visits home (it is summer there so they bring back the trends ). There was an image on the screen when Alopecia World came up this morning and I recognized the wig. There was also someone posting a photo in a blog that said look at the pony tail... again I think it was one of these wig headbands. I am actually getting one for the summer so I can make a ponytail. I'll tell you how it goes.

Keep the positive attitude going!
Comment by Jennifer Krahn on April 8, 2009 at 2:23pm
Thanks for the comments. i actually went to a real hairpiece shop where the owner herself has alopecia. The quality of the hairpieces was much higher than the other shop...what a difference. She not only helped me find a topper but she was one of the first people that actually talked to me in person about the alopecia. She knew way more than my Dr's and cared more too. What a gem she is! Keep smiling
Comment by Erin on April 12, 2009 at 6:23pm
oh good that it wasn't so bad! it can really be fun trying on wigs, I am in the midst of trying to have my own wig shop, I figure I know first hand and I do have my hairdressing and stuff.. also doing nails though so not sure how long it will take haha. Anyway if you need anything just ask!
Comment by Pam Glover on April 20, 2009 at 10:13am
hey jenn

i found the best place in wpg to buy a wig is at Marios in Polo Park. i bought two from there a year ago. they were very helpful and seemed to know what they were talking about, plus they will trim first time for free. which they should considering the prices lol one of them i wear alot, the other i got home put in on and though omg what was i thinking. paid 300. for that one and its never been out of the box!! after that i started ordering online. much much cheaper, and the ones that didnt suit me i sold on ebay. well some of them, still have hmmmmmmmm at least 30 sitting here. they dont have near as much hair as the expensive ones, but they still look good for just running out shopping or whatever. and they are much cooler if you have to wear a wig in summer. i love being able to look different each time i go out! have even gotten gutsy and worn colors i would never have tried with my own hair lol love the black with bright red!! if you ever want to have some fun just trying wigs on, give me a call, come on out and play!! its a hoot!

as far as time to shave goes, i found it way to depressing every time i showered to be covered head to toe in hair. that was much harder for me than the actual shaving. my husband shaved it off for me and it felt very freeing. once its gone, its gone and no more worry about how much is coming out or that awful feeling or your hands being covered in wet fallen out hair!!

by the time i got my appt with dermatologist i had already shave my head off. she said it was to wide spread to do shots so i tried a couple of different creams. they were just to aggravting and cause ugly sores and rash down the side of my face from what had gotten on my pillow. my scalp was so irritated that i couldnt even put a little cap on so i just quit them all and resigned myself to the fact that this was my new look.


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