I have "worn" hair for many years. My pieces are custom made and I use tape to secure them. I take it off every 7-10 days to clean and put on new tape. I want the freedom to wear pretty scarves and to feel the wind on my head again. I went several weeks without wearing hair and was shocked how many people asked me if I was battling cancer. I have not had eye leashes or eyebrows for many years, I suppose this makes me look like I am going through chemo to some folks. I wear trendy clothes, jewelry and wanted my scarves to make me look artsy...hum...new approach anyone?

My heart breaks for new AA members that are struggling with these changes. Especially for young women, it is so very hard in the beginning.

All I can really say is to try and make the best of it, take time to find a comfort zone, I always wished I was tall, thin and able to pull off the bald look as I find it incredibly beautiful. I studied Interior Design early in college, one of the tricks I learned was "if you could not hid it then bring attention to it". I have purchased the hair pieces that clip in to make your hair look fuller and longer, then I use Velcro to stick them onto scarves so it looks like I wear a scarf with my hair hanging down my back...get creative, there are ways to find a look....don't give up.

As I age and think of retirement I know that one day I will be wearing beautiful scarves, big earrings, luscious lips and smoky eyes...and if someone asks me about Cancer? I am going to tell them it wouldn't dare to mess with me, this is who I am!

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Comment by Mindy on September 22, 2013 at 11:26am

I have been thinking about this. I am new to AA and my spots are migrating towards each other. I am so sick and tired of the process. I have only had it two months but I am at the point I want to shave my head because of the emotional distress I have each day of trying to "fix" my hair. But then I wonder what people will think if I actually am bald. The looks...the comments... I would love to tell everyone about alopecia in this area so I really don't mind that but I am sure it will be an emotional toll as well. Maybe I need to go shopping for hats and throw what I have left in a pony and sport a hat all day. I am just so exhausted from this process already!!! Help!


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