Figuring out what being twenty-four is all about

Hi, all!

I am new to this.. blog posting that is and I thought this would help not only myself after 10 years of knowing I have Alopecia, understand it, but others as well. I was told about having Alopecia in Middle School, for me it started out as small quarter size spots on the top of my head. I began to clip my hair back to hide them and soon after started seeing my dermatologist to seek treatment. Treating small three spots is easy... applying my topical treatment daily twice a day. It worked! I don't know if anyone else used topical treatment, as greasy as it is... it worked for me!

A year after, starting high school my stress began to grow and my hair fell out more. I then started to receive steroid treatments once a month in all of the spots. At this time I started getting spots underneath, not so much on the top of my head. I think about if the spot location differs for a reason? 

I don't know anyone with Alopecia, so I thought this would help me communicate with others who are going through the same thing. Years went by and i was getting steroid treatments monthly, and boy did it work. Throughout high school and college too. Let's fast-forward a few more years, I was 22 just graduated from college and got my first job, working an 80 hour work week. My hair began to fall out more and more, in various spots underneath, the top of my head, and behind my ear. I tried to control it as best as I could, monthly treatments and tried to not use any heat on my hair.

June of 2015, was when I believe it turned for the worse. I lost most of the hair on the top of my head where treatment took months for it to finally show some growth. I was thrilled to see growth.

I am 24 years old now, and this is the worst my hair has been. Where my "new" hair is still growing and it looks thick on the top of my head. I have no hair underneath. I lost most of it within the past two months. This has been the hardest two months. I am self-concious whenever I go out, and try to find new ways to wear my hair daily. I struggle deciding if it is time for me to get a hair piece, what if it is just going to get worse? My go to has always been throwing it up in a pony tale, but now that isn't even an option. I currently stopped my steroid treatment due to other health issues and moved back to using my topical treatment.

I need advice. I don't know if it is time for a hair piece, should I continue applying my topical treatment and hope for the best? 

Twenty-Four and figuring out what it's all about!

Xo Megan

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Comment by Stars-r-Aligned on January 15, 2017 at 7:50pm
I suspect I have alopecia..,but its androgenetic alopecia in where my hair thins everywhere but doesn't fall out in clumps..but its slowly going away. Its been doing this since, April of 2016... And the front of my hairline the thinning is noticeable. I always told myself , if I'm gonna lose all of my hair I'm not gonna waste money on wigs,hair that's not me it just puts of the healing process of getting over the loss of my hair. Anywho, I'm also 25 and its gonna be hard for me when I lose all of my hair...I really loved it...I hate alopecia. Sometimes I wish I had the kind where my hair falls out in clumps so I can just get it over with ...bc when it thins slowly but surely...sometimes I get false hope ..that maybe its not alopecia since its not falling out in clumps or have no shiny spots..but the fact my hair falls out more than What's normal lets me know it's androgenetic alopecia -_-
Comment by GardenJess on January 24, 2017 at 2:01pm

Seeing your post now and realizing it is a few weeks old, so perhaps you have already found new solutions.... I strongly suggest getting a wig. Finding a wig that is "just right" is a process rather than a one step solution (unless you get lucky). The thing is, if you get a wig, and your hair grows back, then great, you have hair, but if your hair continues to fall out, it is nice to have at least the option of a wig. I resisted getting a wig longer than I should have, and it was such a relief to be able to look normal again once I finally had one that would work. As it turns out, I am a very poor wig wearer in that most of the time I don't have one on, but it is about having options. Realistic looking synthetic wigs are easy to order online (though color selection can be tricky and checking return policies is a good idea). I'm three or four years into my serious hair loss journey and still trying to work out how to deal with it, but as long as you can focus on other things in your life, alopecia need not take over.


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