Hi Everyone,
I've recently noticed that my eye lashes are getting thinner by the minute, therefore I went out and bout human hair lashes, I've tried to put them on to see what they'd look like and they are mmm,,,,too long!!!
What should I do???? any pointers would be apreciated :)

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Comment by Susan Innes on August 18, 2011 at 5:12pm
Hi Lisa- In regards to eyelashes, first make sure the part that attaches onto the lid is the right length, and shorten or clip off the end (with the longer lashes) with a small scissors as needed. Then take these same scissors and cut small amounts of lashes at different angles to produce varying lengths. It was suggested to me to buy a cheap set of lashes and practice on these. Now I confess that I found these problematic to apply, uncomfortable to wear, and unpredictable (as one pair caught on the velcro of my jacket sleeve). At the NAAF conference, we always suggested that people not attempt to apply lashes on days of low levels of confidence or self esteem, and especially not during periods of depression. These are tricky to apply and the glue can sometimes leave one with sticky lids for days even with glue removal. But, like all skills, it does get easier, and remember, there is always the alternative of permanent makeup or tattooing of the eyelids. Hope this helps. Hugs, Susan
Comment by Jennifer Krahn on August 19, 2011 at 8:46pm
Hi Lisa-Lynn,
There are all types and lengths of lashes out there. I use Revlon 108 lashes and they look very realistic with practice (pretty inexpensive too). I once tried trimming long lashes and was left very frustrated and with chunky looking lashes...you can purchase smaller lengths with varying lengths within the lash that look pretty realistic and not feel like windshield wipers (did that....kept seeing the lashes in my peripheral view!) Keep experimenting!!!! All the best,
Comment by Sanfra22 on August 30, 2011 at 2:20am
You could carefully trim the lashes with a pair of nail scissors, or buy a shorter set like Jennifer said. You can also use individual lashes and just attach them to the outer side of the eye.
There are a number of videos on youtube showing how to apply false lashes!
Comment by aural on April 7, 2012 at 12:31am

I am waiting for my eyelashes to fall out again and I hope I can follow this conversation because I am going to try fake ones. I lost all of my hair-everywhere - 3 years ago- and I had never worn makeup so it was horrible not understanding that normal makeup wouldnt stay on my face- my hair grew back everywhere again but then fell out- but not my eyelashes or eyebrows yet. I have learned about indelible makeup and this time I am going to be prepared.


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