Dotty's Inspirational/Motivational Reflection

Ants Never Cry "Uncle"
Charles Ghigna

Consider the little ant.
He never says, "I can't."
And so it comes as no surprise,
He carries things ten times his size.

The Art of Start
Charles Ghigna

Don't search for inspiration when
You have a task to do;
Just start your work and you will see
That it will soon find you.

Best Laid Plans
Charles Ghigna

A plan is only good if it
Is one that gets recruited;
For good intentions soon will die
Unless they're executed.

Diamond Mind
Charles Ghigna

The promise of our dreams comes true
When patience minds our goal;
Remember that the diamond once
Was just a piece of coal.

Dreams Allowed
Charles Ghigna

Don't be afraid to dream aloud
The things you want to do;
Just saying what is in your heart
Will help your dreams come true.

Dream Catcher
Charles Ghigna

Allow yourself to fish each day
Within life's little streams
For that is where we often find
Just how to catch our dreams.

Fear Less
Charles Ghigna

Fear is borne of ignorance
Resulting in despair
While knowledge can provide us with
The hope we need to dare.

Finish Lines
Charles Ghigna

Success is never measured by
The things we try to do;
It only comes when we have seen
A task completely through.

The Game of Life
Charles Ghigna

Give all you've got in every game
Until your games are gone
For when your final game is played,
The game of life goes on.

Goal Tending
Charles Ghigna

To reach your greatest dreams in life
First set a worthy goal;
Choose one you can embrace each day
With all your heart and soul.

Going the Distance
Charles Ghigna

Success is not an easy road,
It's riddled with resistance;
While failure on the other hand--
The path of least persistence.

Goal Mind
Charles Ghigna

Success begins the moment that
You set your goal in place;
Take time to savor every step
For life is not a race.

Good Measure
Charles Ghigna

Success is often measured best
Not by how high or far,
But what you had to sacrifice
To get to where you are.

Charles Ghigna

Do not let fear confine your life
Inside a shell of doubt;
A turtle never moves until
His head is sticking out.

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Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on November 11, 2010 at 12:57pm
Awesome. Thanks Dotty. I like:

Charles Ghigna

Do not let fear confine your life
Inside a shell of doubt;
A turtle never moves until
His head is sticking out. ..


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