Coloring hair with alopecia areata

I was just wondering how many people with alopecia areata have had there hair colored? Would like to have my hair colored to cover the gray, but I am afraid it might cause more hair loss. Would appreciate any imput! THANK YOU!

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Comment by Georgie on August 24, 2009 at 1:15pm
A few weeks ago I colored a white patch with henna. It came out really well and I'm satisfied and considering doing the rest of my hair with henna. I've had the same thoughts as you about coloring my hair in a salon or from a box and then suffering further hair loss. I noticed that the henna made my hair really soft and smooth. I've used henna in the past....way before I had AA and was always pleased. It's time consuming and can be messy...

I've also had my hair highlighted a few times in the past while having AA to blend with all the white hair patches I had going on. I didn't notice additional hair loss....but at the moment I'm shedding a lot....although no new spots yet....and I'm nervous about anything harsh touching my hair. I have a wedding to attend in 2 weeks and I hope my hair can remain calm until then.

I had the same dilemma at the exact same time last year when my brother got married....and since I'm family obviously, I would be in lots of photos. I had my hair highlighted and cut and used lots of hair spray and it was under control.....esp. since the wedding was outside by the beach. This year I have a patch up front in the area where my bangs are and its been tough to deal with. I have to wear a barrette to hold the hair down and keep the new growth flat...or else it sticks right up. Challenging.

Hope this helps. I think however you color your hair, everything should be fine.
Comment by Heather L on August 25, 2009 at 11:05pm
I have colored my hair many times and it has not affected the AA. sometimes I even get impatient with the white fuzzy growth and will dye it! I'm sure the henna and organic products are better for your hair...however I have not ever specified what the salon used -just went with it and all was fine. I did ask my derm first and she assured me that no matter how I colored it or cut it would matter- that what is going
on is all internal. She then encouraged me to do it if I would make me feel better about how my hair looked.


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