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Instead of studying for a physics exam I have on Monday.. here I am venting my story of my random occurrence of my bald spots at 12:30pm. 

Last month I received a bad spot on the top back of my head. I play collegiate softball in Missouri and was hoping my team doctor would say it was some rare thing that seemed to happened to me and it will never happen again... I was wrong. A week later another bald spot appeared. Multiple visits and referrals to get blood tests and see a dermatologist.. and welp... I ended up here. My bald spot on the beck of my head keeps getting bigger and it's beginning to come to the point of where I can no long hide it. I'm embarrassed and I really just want my hair to grow back. I have tried pills, vitamins, and rogaine. I really don't know where I am going with this blog post... I honestly feel like I just needed to vent and get this off of my chest because I am sincerely tried of crying over something I can't control. So yeah.. thanks for coming to my ted talk. Appreciate those who took the time out of your day to give this a read... I apologize for not being more interesting. 

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Comment by Bcaton44 on March 27, 2019 at 3:38am

Don't ever apologize for wanting to vent out a bit or not being interesting. I'm sorry for what you're experiencing and it's definitely a tough thing to accept and willingly progress with. This is the shit that will make you interesting! One way or another. I'm a male and I know it's considered easier, but no easier to accept! My alopecia starting going into high school and was involved with a very high level of stress due to an allotment of things that it seems you may be encountering as well with all these expectations in playing sports and acing (or barely passing (me)) exams. I wish I could say it's just something that becomes easy or even put a time frame on it. You must take an objective standpoint, try out the options that are available or fixate on a position that is healthy for you. You're human, our greatest ability is the ability to adapt. I believe in you don't let it take over. It's not worth it. You're great. I'll keep an eye out for replies!

Comment by Tony on March 27, 2019 at 4:33pm

My daughter experienced total hair loss in her sophomore year of college. We were able to buy her a wig which helped her physically deal with the situation but her friends were there to lend moral support, accompany her to the doctors who treated her and listen to share her fears. My suggestion would be to be honest with your closer classmates and let them know you need them in your corner while you deal with this condition. You will be remarkably surprised how much they will want to be there for you. My daughters hair did grow back although she deals with going for shots and bald patches. Her friends were by her side, she persevered and graduated with honors. 


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