I try real hard to share the adversity and understanding I have, for those who share the same condition as me...Alopecia!
I am proud to walk with my beautiful sleek look.
My son loves it!
I endeavor to help bring a compassionate understanding, of the adversity we all go through...yet the separation of different emotions always have to be evaluated.
This is why..sometimes people may misunderstand me.
I simply wish to stand as support for those who are just beginning the journey into/unto acceptance of oneself.
I try to get to the core of where all of our insecurities come from and let people know that I too have been there.
However, today I stand liberated, proud and happy to be who I am!
Here at Alopecia World we are drawing strength from one another.
We are on the same journey...and for some it has been longer than others.
Yet the same adversity, hardship, sadness and at times, self loathing and feelings not understood.
"Who can understand us, unless they have walked in our shoes".
Only few, will ever have a sense of deep empathy.
Yes, the questions, blame, opinion, perception, judgment and lack of understanding is one to be overlooked, or there shall never be any healing. One must keep moving forward, and look within, knowing those of us fighting this battle of stigma, are true survivors and warriors.

Stand up, brush your shoulders off, and take the next step as you are. Strong and powerful! 

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Comment by Aida Ravaie-O'Sullivan on November 16, 2009 at 7:45pm
Dear Mina,
I love to read this...such an inspiration....


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