i play tennis, forgot to mention. its the only time when i don't feel like a slob for wearing my hair up and having a thick headband in. no school today, so i didn't have to paint my face on at six am. instead i got to wait until before my tennis match at three. but that's barely anything, i still have eight million more things to do tonight. and when i get back to school tomorrow there's still nine million more things waiting. yippee... i used to dress up, business casual i'd even say. high heels, jeans, cute shirts and cardies. but now, i don't feel like i can. there's only one way i can do my hair. and it doesn't match my old clothes. it matches my sweats and a hoodie very nicely though, and i'm 99.99999% sure that's what i'll be wearing again tomorrow.

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Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on April 10, 2012 at 1:35pm

Hi Jamie,

I don't know exactly what your hair situation is, but I wanted to share my experience. When I first lost my hair and wanted to venture into wearing scarfs and going out without a hair piece I really thought I only had one solution too. Basically I started to wear cut off jeans and tank tops or a very casual "gym" look. Some where along the line I had to start experimenting and to this day it was the most challenging and most creative thing I have ever done. Living with alopecia means constantly thinking outside of the box which at first can be stressful but later on become exciting. A lot of times we think there is only one choice, which in fact is no choice at all. One of the hardest things about alopecia is feeling like you have no choices. I would like to suggest that you take out a piece of paper, think really creatively and write down all of your options, even the crazy ones that you do not feel you would ever try, but just keep thinking and writing. For example if you have long hair, you can still wear your hair up, but do something amazing with the bangs. Or mixing hair and scarves, do some google searches and save the ones that you like in a folder. Consider it a new project. I thought that I could never mix bald and formal, I found out that for me if I mix a slighter brighter lipstick, some foundation to even my skin tone, a color nail polish on my toes and earring the look is actually very gratifying to me. For my business casual or casual look, a lip balm or sheer tint and smaller pair of earrings and sheer nail polish on my nails. Basically for my business casual look, I just try to polish my look. Good luck, have fun and tell me what you think of if you decide to give it a try what you come up with!

Comment by jamie on April 12, 2012 at 10:08pm

thanks, i like to get ideas from the internet already. but i do get those days where i see the folder on my desktop and i just cry instead of trying anything new. my new is normally with updo's though. simple ones that i can throw in before school, if i ever feel good about myself when i wake up. honestly. that hasn't been in the last three weeks. maybe more. we're not allowed to wear headwear in school. and they won't make an exception for me. i've asked everyone. i like the writing idea though -thank you for that. when i get mad or upset and i cant be vocal or show my anger. i write down (or thinks of) words that describe how i'm feeling. a lot of them, until i get to calmer words. i've gotten good at masking anger and fear. thank you for your support. i feel better around those who are open to me about their experiences. and i really appreciate your honesty.


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