Anyone been tested for Celiac diease??? Hair loss realted ????

Have been reading about Celiac disease related to hair loss. I have many of the symptoms of Celiac and def have the hair loss problem. The Dr's don't seem to know what cause's the hair loss. They said Celiac disease causes body hair loss also. Anyone found that they have had it and has gonegluten free ???

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Comment by Calipso on November 2, 2011 at 2:24pm
I've still haven't been tested, but I want to try thy gluten free diet, want to be my diet buddy?:D just so hard to start with all those delicious foods... I think I will try to get tested a few moths latter:)
Comment by Jarod on November 4, 2011 at 8:39pm
Wow, I just joined and decided to start a blog, I didnt read any other blogs before I started mine but we basically are trying to determine the same thing. I have not yet been tested for celiac yet but I do plan on it. And I have been printing a bunch of papers on gluten free foods. I really wanna go on a NO GLUTEN diet but it seems so hard ya know. Any ideas lemme know im all up for it!!
Comment by emmettbrown on November 15, 2011 at 8:27pm

Definitely try it out. I suffered from Celiac my whole life, but I didn't figure it out till I had a bout with alopecia areata. A lot of people who can't eat wheat also can't eat milk products. I've been dairy-free and gluten-free for about nine months - never felt better!

(I actually treated my initial outbreak with a combo of Wobenzym, folic acid and bovine colostrum, and a little Protopic from my doc. Worked great for me - attached are time lapse pics over a 2-month period last summer.)

Whenever I slip up and eat some dairy or wheat now, my scalp and eyebrow itch in those very same areas and I quickly shed a few hairs. Motivation to stick with the program! :)

- Bill

Comment by emmettbrown on November 15, 2011 at 8:30pm

Add'l info to consider about celiac disease and hair loss: One thing to consider if you think you are sensitive to gluten -- the celiac test that most doctors use isn't very accurate. I've heard that it's only accurate in about 30% of cases. So even if you got a negative test result, you may still have a problem with gluten.

The good news is that a few new tests have recently been introduced that are much more accurate. My mom's doc gave her a new test from a place called Cyrex Labs. Here's a page on their site about this:

Looks like array 3 and array 4 are extremely comprehensive. Although I think it was pricey - around $700. Her doctor said that a cheaper approach could be a stool test from a place called Entero Labs:

Of course, I did my own inexpensive home test: buy some gluten-free beer and drink it. See how you feel :) Seriously, it was amazing how much different I felt - no anxiety or gas, just a nice buzz... I'm now off gluten and dairy, and everything but my facial hair has come back in. So food sensitivies were my autoimmune triggers.


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