ive always wanted to know whats its like to have hair, ive always wanted to know what its like to get up in the morning and brush my hair and get angry because it didnt go right, ive always wanted to what people call normal, i would love to walk down the street without getting people staring at me, without people laughing at me or making the little comments, but ive learnt to face reality, and say to my self that its never going to happen, i was given this condition, and ive taken it as a blessing, alopeica is my bestfriend, its made me the preson i am today and without it i might of not been this person, its givin me strength that i never thought i could of had, its given me the bestest family and the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for!
Its my hero. and i really wish other people could have the same view like i do, i know its not easy sometimes i wish i had hair to just block everyone out away from me, but i dont let it get the better of me! You only live once so live it how you want to live it and not how other people make you live it. but just please remember your beautyfull and live live for yourselves and noone else :) xx

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Comment by alyssa on August 29, 2009 at 8:02pm
totally true, i do like alopecia, i think i am pretty without hair and i think life is easier without it, i had really curly hair, take like 30 minutes to comb and style it. now i dont have to do much and i love it and i dont care if everyone else doesnt.

have you never had hair?
Comment by Kimberley on August 30, 2009 at 8:37am
Thats the best attuitdue to have, well thats what i think anyways, and nah ive never had a full head of hair, i was totally bald at the age of 2 but my hair started growing back when i was 3 and ive now got hair at the back of my head as you can see on my pictures. xx
Comment by Andre on August 31, 2009 at 3:14am
cool story. sounds like the thing you going is that normal is just plain boring and being differnet is way better.


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