A poem I wrote today for my girls

I'm posting this for my daughters, myself and anyone with alopecia :)

The first chunk of hair came out in my brush
The tender age of 14, my heart was crushed
How would I live without any hair?
If it all falls out, I wont go anywhere
Month after month, needles in my head
Weighted on my chest, an anvil of lead
Year after year it continued to spread
The pop of the needle, blood trickling down my head
The treatments weren't working anymore
I got the clippers and watched my beautiful blonde hair fall to the floor
From here on out, my hair would be bought
Someday it'll grow back is what I thought
No matter what, it could always be worse
I am still healthy, its not a curse
I taught myself how to rock my fake do
Taping a wig for me is like tying your shoe
Yes I'm uncomfortable without it there
I feel so naked, exposed and bare
I need to do this for my daughters and for me
To show them to love who you were meant to be
Be grateful for what you have, be proud of who you are
Always be positive and make a wish on every star
No matter what life throws at you, I promise I'll help you through it
Anything you need to do, well find a way to do it

I hope I can teach you girls to love yourselves as much as I love you(which is more than anything in this world) :)
Love, Mommy

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Comment by margaret staib on April 29, 2014 at 8:58am

This is beautiful. I too have three girls. Sometimes I think it's them that gives me strength for my everyday. 

Comment by Crissy on May 2, 2014 at 4:36pm

That is beautiful.  I am glad you have found strength.  I am still searching mine.


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