I am a happy camper right now!!! Yesterday was the unofficial start of the NFL 2008-2009 season -- Draft Day!!!

Now everyone knows I am a HUGE Minnesota Vikings fan, and so far, all I can say about their draft is WTF???

I like Tyrell Jackson with the 2nd round pick, don't get me wrong, but there are SO many needs that need to be addressed here! For starters, the Vikings need a QB yesterday -- Tarvaris Jackson is NOT getting the job done! Once upon a time the Vikings were a force to be reckoned with in the NFC and gave Brett Favre ulcers year in and year out. Now we are looking at a season opener at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football, and Aaron Rodgers is a better QB injured than T-Jax is healthy!

Granted, we have Jared Allen and Bernard Berrian, but what good is having Berrian as your wideout when Jackson can't put the ball in his hands? Adrian Peterson is a workhorse, no doubt, but the Vikings are going to end up running him into the ground with their weak running game -- Message to Coach Childress and Zygi Wilf -- GET US A QB!!!!

On the defensive end, Mike Tomlin did a great job before going to Pittsburgh building a defense -- but due to free agency and retirement we need some supporting players here too. We are still suffering the effects of the loss of Corey Chavous and Chris Hovan, and Kenichi Udeze is not playing this season due to having leukemia (even though he is in remission he still won't be playing this year.) Darren Sharper is an asset to the team and has been productive with what he has to work with, but then we lost Mewelde Moore too!!! Needless to say, we need to shore up our defense and start making other teams respect us again!!!

So my question to everyone today is this: How would you rate YOUR favorite NFL team's draft this year???

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