I was about 9 or 10( gr.5)when my hair started falling out. I am now 18. It was and still is very hard dealing with it. I have an under active thyroid so im pretty sure my Alopecia is caused by that because I've read places that thyroid problems can be the cause of Alopecia.In elementary school I got made fun of a lot. My mom even talked to my teacher and explained my condition so the teacher could talk the the class about it one day when I was not there, but they still made fun of me even after knowing what was wrong. In grade six i started wearing a bandana. After the kids couldnt see my head they didnt say much after that. In grade seven I stopped wearing the bandana's and didnt hide my head. I have a wig but I've only worn it maybe twice because I dont like it and it doesnt really fit properly. Also I dont feel comfortable wearing it because if I were to meet someone new that didnt know I was bald and became my friend that when they find out that I am bald that they will treat me differently. So I basically go out in public letting eveyone see because I dont want to hide who I am, I want to show people the real me. A lot of people point and look and it drives me crazy. Even after having alopecia for this long I still cry about it wishing I had hair and that I was normal. The thing is I have never lost all of my hair, I have always had hair on the back of head it was thin but its there and I will never shave it off because im happy I have atleast a little bit of hair..about a year ago hair started growing on the very top of my head on the sides and its still there and theres more growing so I really hope it will keep growing and not fall out. My life pretty much sucks and I hate my life due to having Alopecia because now a days it seems like everyone cares about hair and they dont think people who are bald are pretty or something. Its hard to make new friends.

If anyone else has Alopecia due to a thyroid problem and has any advice on anything I can do to maybe try and see if I can get hair to grow more I will really appreciate it. Thanks

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Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on April 17, 2008 at 2:03pm
Hi Sarah,

I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I was 26 when I lost my hair, so I would have no idea what kind of strength it would require to get through school with it.

It is hard lesson for a teenager to learn, but an important one. That although every one around us may show us with their actions that our worth is determined by our exterior, we learn the absolute opposite is more valuable. We learn what real worth is in a person. We learn to value how a person treat and interact with another human being. We learn to value acceptance, diversity, understanding and the older (wiser) I get the more frivolous the others who chose to reject me become.

So I encourage you to continue to live a positive life, live it to the fullest and live it your way. What you will end up radiating will attract much more than the shallow, but real people of substance and worthy of your company.
Comment by kastababy on April 17, 2008 at 2:07pm

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! You should never, EVER let anyone else's opinion determine your self-worth, be they family, friends, lovers, acquaintances, or total strangers. Normal is such a relative term -- and nobody is ever truly normal. Some of the most normal-looking people we know can also be some of the most dysfunctional people as well. It is perfectly okay to be upset and cry at times, because we all go through our levels of acceptance differently. That is why it is so important to meet people who are going through similar situations (much like our kindred alopecians here on Alopecia World!)

I am hypothyroid as well, but nowhere has it ever been proven that hypothyroidism is the root cause of any hair loss. In fact, most people who have alopecia tend to develop some sort of thyroid issue at some point in their lives. Just make sure you take your thyroid medication regularly and get your blood work done regularly to make sure you are getting the correct T3 dosage and you should be fine.

Unfortunately, the reality of our society is that we live in a youth-obsessed, materialistic culture where appearances count more than character. Let me impart a bit of wisdom I've picked up over the years: People in general are drawn toward confidence and confident people (funny how that is when people in general are so intolerant and often the source of our misery.) Even if you don't feel confident, presenting the illusion of confidence will do more to attract people to you than you might think.

Just be yourself. You are the same person you were before alopecia -- alopecia only affect the outside of our bodies -- don't let it change who you are inside! You are a beautiful, beloved child of God and we all love you here in Alopecia World just the same!!!
Comment by Trina on April 18, 2008 at 11:54am
I totally understand you! I was eight the first occurance and at 15 in a matter of months I lost it all. I cried for so long and went into a major depression. But I learned to do my own hair and no one can tell that I don't have a drop of hair. I tell people all the time that I have Alopecia and what it is. I am not ashamed of it and you should not be either. I understand as a child it is hard for them to understand difference. You see hair is something that can come and go but who we are stays forever. They checked me twice for thyroid and they thought that was my trigger came back it wasnt. Be strong some people are living through cancer and other things far worse. You can always buy hair in the store, but they don't sell beautiful souls and that is what we are. Be strong and keep faith.
Comment by carly on April 29, 2008 at 4:46pm
Sometimes I feel the same way- i just wish I was normal-And no one will ever think that someone that is bald is pretty (which is not true) You know you have a real friend when they like you- hair or no hair. And if people don't like you because you have no hair- they probably wouldnt like you if you had hair.I shaved my head- and now I have what my family and friends call peach fuzz aka new growth- I wear A wig to school And I wish I was as brave as you- I wish I had the courage to wear NOTHING to school. Having Alopecia will make you a stronger person and you will learn to handle things better. Good Luck with the hair growing.



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