My first experience with alopecia or, If only....

When I was a freshman in high school , as most boys are, I was girl crazy. Of course, I was awkward, shy and very insecure. However, despite these liabilities, I did manage to have a few successful dates. One day, while changing classes, I noticed a girl who I had not seen before. In a teenage hormal rage, I found myself immediately drawn to her. She was awfully cute with a pretty face, slender figure, blond hair and wearing the sexiest pair of horned rimmed glasses this kid had ever seen. I always found intellegent looking girls sexy. One day, while sitting behind her in a study hall, I could not help but notice that her blond hair was actually a wig. I knew what those were because my older sister wore, what she called, fashion wigs, from time to time when feeling "dressy." This girl's wig was somewhat ill fitting and in a style more appropriate to an older woman, of say, twenty five. When she leaned forward to read, there was no hair on the back of her neck. The more frquently I saw her around school, I could not help but notice that she had few friends, girlfriends only and then, the especially dorky kind. In some classes together, I noticed teachers never seemed to ask her any questions and she never volunteered to answer any. It was almost a conspiracy to silence to keep the public spotlight away from her. She never attended a gym class and during these times was usually seated in the Health Office reading or talking to the obnoxious school nurse, who we all referred to as Mrs. Fat Ass. The more I saw this young lady the more smitten I became! One day in the lunch hall it was my good fortune to find myself seated directly across the table from her.
I smiled at her and she looked down and away. She then buried her head in a book. Her shyness hung like a shroud. Honestly, mine was not much better. Nine years later when I experienced my first bout of alopecia, I understood.

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Comment by jamie1 on August 20, 2008 at 8:58pm
Hi Angela,
You know, I never thought of her being a member. Talk about karmic!! Although, I would never be able to find out because, as kids, wewere never introduced. Never knew her name.
Comment by Carol on August 21, 2008 at 9:02am
This sounds like my high school years only I went to gym class. The fact that you smiled at her made her feel pretty good I'm sure. It's too bad that you got alopecia though cause I know I wished all the snobby girls who didn't include me were the ones who would get it, not some nice guy who thought a girl with alopecia was cute. It would be cool if you found her though!
Comment by Courtney on September 4, 2008 at 4:43pm
omg, that is so sweet! i wish guys at my school had brains like urs!
Comment by Rahela on April 14, 2009 at 11:09am
hi, u know when i was little and having AA i tought that no possible that any of many boys in my class was interesting in me and when somebody looked me like u looked in her i was always thinking that's something wrong ,, but probably i was wrong!!;))


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