12 Honest Questions About Alopecia Featuring My Mom!

Parenting has difficult moments. When a child is diagnosed with alopecia, the whole family is swept up into a whirlwind of change. There are doctor appointments, questions, treatments, and you are just looking to assure your child will live a happy life in a world that can be very cruel. Through honest conversations, we are given a chance to provide guidance through our experiences and the lessons learned.

  1. At what age did you begin to see my hair falling out. 

    I don't remember what age, but you were in the 3rd grade.

  2. How did you feel finding out your son had alopecia?

    Well, at first, I didn't know that you had alopecia. The teachers thought you had ringworm. So, after ruling out ringworm, and I believe, another testing, one pediatrician told me, that your hair wouldn't grow back, I remember feeling upset. I didn't believe the doctor, I felt like, "let's just see about that!" Also, I remember wondering if the different meds you were taking, for asthma, was causing your hair loss.

  3. When your son began to lose his hair did you see a change between his relationship with him and his other siblings?

    I saw no change in your relationship with your siblings. I felt that if your siblings started losing their hair, we all wondered if they were developing alopecia.

  4. Did you notice a change in behavior/ signs of moodiness with alopecia?

    I didn't notice any changes in behavior due to alopecia. I remember having to get a doctor's note for you to be allowed to wear a hat in school.

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