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Video bloggers on Alopecia World

Please accept this invitation to “vlog” on Alopecia World.

Video blogging, or “vlogging,” is a form of blogging in which you discuss things on video, post it online, and allow others to respond to you by creating their own videos or posting text comments.

You can vlog about any subject you want as long as your vlog is not laced with obscenities, nudity, hate speech or other inappropriate material.

This means that you can choose to talk about alopecia or not!



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What can Alopecia World do for you?

In July, we posted an official blog titled "What is Alopecia World to You?"

However, in this blog, we want to ask, "What can Alopecia World do for you?"

In other words, what additional site features would you like see?

What improvements would you like for us to make to the site?

How can we better serve you as a community?

What's on your Alopecia World wish list?



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Cool way to tell others about Alopecia World! :-)

Did you know that Alopecia World has several cool “badges” that you can add to your personal website or blog?

You can also add these cool badges to your Facebook or MySpace page or your page on another social networking site!

Simply login to your Alopecia World account, go to this page,…


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NEW: Chat anywhere in Alopecia World!

Alopecia World has a new chat feature that can be accessed from any page in Alopecia World.

This means that you can visit any page on Alopecia Worldwhile continuing to chat with other members who are online and available to chat.

You can also engage with "private chat" with other members.

Just go to any page on Alopecia World and you'll see the chat option in the far right column.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think of the new and…


Added by Alopecia World on October 23, 2008 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

The 'featured members' on the homepage

This morning a member of Alopecia World raised the important question, "Why are all the featured members or members on the Main Page always from the same selective groupings?"

After noting that the current list of featured members is predominantly female and includes a model, an actress, the "drop dead gorgeous," a stylized photo shoot, a promoter of alopecia awareness, a motivational speaker, and an author, the member also asked "Why are others excluded?" and concluded, "It…


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Search for members using keywords!

Did you know that you can use keywords to search for members and friends on Alopecia World?

Give it a try. Go to the "Members" section of and type search terms like "musician," "writer," "teacher," and "college" in the member search box and then click "Search Members" to find other members.

Also, if you want other members to be able to find you using certain keywords, be sure to include those…


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How to invite others to Alopecia World

Many of you have used the "Invite" feature on Alopecia World to invite thousands of other people to join our beloved community.

Thank you for doing so, but we have learned that this isn't the most effective way to invite others to join Alopecia World.

The best way to send such invitations is to do so directly from your personal email account and simply include a personal note and the following Web address:…


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More cool stuff for your profile!

Now you can easily add more cool stuff to your Alopecia World profile. Just sign into Alopecia World, click the “My Page” tab to go to your personal profile, and then click the “Add Applications” link that’s located below your main profile photo.

Once you add applications to your page, you can…


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New groups in Alopecia World

We recently created several new support groups here on Alopecia World.

These groups are named after the most common forms of alopecia and are meant to provide alopecians who have the same condition with a way to connect, share information, and provide direct support to one another.

Here are some names of the new groups:

1) Alopecia Areata



Added by Alopecia World on September 26, 2008 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

Instant message members of Alopecia World

For the past few weeks, we have been testing a new instant messaging program on Alopecia World.

By all accounts, this simple program, called WHO-IM is working just fine. So, we're writing to let all members know about it.

It's located in the right column on every page in Alopecia World.

If you wish to chat with a member who's online AND has the program enabled, simply click the image or photo that represents that person.

To see a couple of other options, click…


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Need a new profile layout?

Just found another site that provides free Ning templates that you can apply to your Alopecia World profile. It's simply called Ning Themes and provides African themes, beach themes, city themes, nature themes, and Rasta themes. Check it out here, especially its how-to section.

Added by Alopecia World on September 15, 2008 at 5:22pm — 1 Comment

Non-alopecians in Alopecia World

Dear Alopecia World Member,

If you DO NOT HAVE ALOPECIA, then I strongly encourage you to join the new group named “Non-alopecians in Alopecia World.”

If you DO HAVE ALOPECIA, then please invite all of your non-alopecic loved ones and friends to join this much-needed group.

As someone who does not have alopecia, I created the group so that we non-alopecians could encourage and learn from one…


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Link to your Alopecia World profile

Your Alopecia World profile has its own unique Web address, and you are encouraged to share this useful “page address” with others.

If you would like to learn or change the address of your profile, simply sign into Alopecia World and check out these account options.

There are also different Alopecia World “badges” available for use on your…


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September is Alopecia Awareness Month

What special activities do you have planned for Alopecia Awareness Month? Please be sure to list them on Alopecia World's events calendar. You are also welcome to make suggestions and discuss your plans in the comments section below.

Wishing you great joy and good success,

richard jones (rj) & Cheryl Carvery
Co-founders, Alopecia World

Added by Alopecia World on August 24, 2008 at 9:30pm — 8 Comments

Dating in Alopecia World


Cheryl and I would like to know how you feel about someone (an alopecian or non-alopecian) joining Alopecia World to look for the love of their life.

For the record, we do not have any problem with singles meeting and mingling in Alopecia World as long as they always bear in mind that this…


Added by Alopecia World on August 20, 2008 at 10:00am — 40 Comments

What is Alopecia World to you?

Alopecia World member Willow recently wrote us and gave our beloved community a wonderful compliment. She wrote, "I think your web(site) is a miracle to some people, a helping hand to some, but it's an extended family to us all."

We are grateful beyond words that Alopecia World has come to mean so much to so many people. Not just the more than 1,200 amazing individuals who are now registered members, but also the thousands of…


Added by Alopecia World on July 6, 2008 at 1:00am — 16 Comments

NAAF and Alopecia World-class members

This year, I was honored to attend my first NAAF annual conference. Of course, I owe the privilege to the phenomenal woman of my dreams, my lovely fiancée Cheryl Carvery. She has attended and participated in the conference for 17 years, and this was the first time she asked her mate to accompany her. I'm delighted that I did because, not only was the conference itself great, but it simply made each of my days there to meet and…


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Privacy options

If you are a member of Alopecia World, login and click here to review and adjust your privacy settings to meet your personal needs. You can choose who can see your photos, videos, comments, and blog post as well as choose other privacy options. If you have questions or concerns about the privacy settings here on Alopecia World, please share them in your reply to this blog. Thanks!

Added by Alopecia World on June 23, 2008 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

New feature - Rearrange your profile

Members of Alopecia World now have the ability to rearrange the different sections of their profiles.

Simply login to Alopecia World, go to your profile (or click the MyPage tab), click and hold the title bar of the section of your profile that you wish to move, drag it to a new location on the page, and click again to release it.

That's all, folk!

Please leave comments on this blog letting us know how you like the new feature or whether you have problems with…


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Duplicate posts and "CAPITAL LETTERS"

Each member's positive contributions to Alopecia World are appreciated and encouraged because our beloved community could never be what it is without your contributions.

Nonetheless, we ask that members refrain from creating duplicate posts. For example, do not post duplicate blog and forum discussions even if you use different titles. Post content as often as you like, but please avoid spamming Alopecia World.

We also ask that you use capital letters only when it's appropriate…


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