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Wshing all you moms out here a woderful moter's day! may it be the best one, ad for those of us that lost our moms , may te=hey not beforgotten,,

R.I.P MY DEAR MOM you will be missed today xoxoxoxox

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My sister

HURAYYYYY I found the courage to be bald today in front of my sister and brother in law i'm so proud of myself I even posted a picture check it out!

happy me :)

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Check out my photos just posted

A few of you thought I might be in rmission for hair growth but it's not its only the top of my hair that I have very little of infact next to nothing. So I have posted some photos of myself

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I don't understand

I've no hair at the sides or the back i'm as smooth as a baby's head, but yet at the top i got these tiny specks like it wants to grow but it just doesn't! I tried not shaving it off for a few days and it remains the same no growth, And is very soft??? anyone have any idea why that is??
so weird!!

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I'm happy to say that after last night showing my family what I really looked like without a turban or a wig and all they said was, it's about time! let your head breath, it looks cute.

I seen my son's face, he just stared and stared and came up to wear I was sitting and said mommy you don't look ugly at all you are still very pretty, it brought tears to my eyes. and he hugged me tight and said I love you mommy even if you have no hair.

We were able to take my "couple picture as i… Continue

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my hubby wasn't emabarassd to see me blad for the first time, he said it made him love me more,,check out my photos :)

Soo happy!

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A test for being bald

Today as you read from my last post I am happy so while I am happy I have finally decided that after doner today I will finally have the courage to show my family what I really look like without a turban or wig, which they haven't seen so far!

I want my husband to take some photos with me, i need to see his reaction if or not he would be embarrassed, I guess this is a test for me as its been bothering me for the longest time and have been quiet about it, SO if we take pictures i'll be… Continue

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Being bald

Today is a good day for me, I was able to actually stare at myself bald in the mirror with my make-up on of course, I dint feel any emotion whatsoever all I thought waas," HA! #1 i'm never gonna go grey,lol and # 2 i'll never complain of a bad hair day and # 3 i'm not gonna be the one sweating with all that hair when I can wear a turban!!

it made me smile well laugh really and I know I neded that so it felt good! Today is a good day and I hope I have many more of… Continue

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I need help! plzzz

next week I am starting my therapy for self-esteem and stress and so forth, I am worried which wig I should go in and keep going in ? can you guys plz tell me hrough my photos which one i should wear, i could use some opinions plzzz

confused Lisa

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Just so hard to smile

I'm having such a hard time to smile today. I suppose it's one of those days where I tried on every wig I have and felt it just wasn't me. So I had to put my turban back on and it's not what I wanted to do today. Someone told me today, "You're lucky you don't have cancer and you have your health," and I in turn said,"You're lucky you have hair and good health." Sometimes I wonder if people think before they speak.

Yes I am grateful for my health but sure as hell not grateful for not having… Continue

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So excited I had to share

Today my husband is finally putting up my face with my brother in-law, this means I can finally go out in my yard without anyone staring at me and wondering whats on my head!!!

this way I can start slowly to get out of the house wearing my wig or turban!

may i also start my therapy which is suppose to help me deal with stress, anxiety, self-esteem etc, I am really hoping all this works out for me, because I am tired of being sad, alone and feeling like there is no hope for me at… Continue

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I found the trick

from the last post about shaving my head I decided to try something out, I took shampoo and rubbed it directly on the head where I needed it to be shaved and it worked wonders!! why din't i think of this before? lol
However thank-you to all your replies and suggestions I apreciated them


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Does anyone have an idea?

I of course am completely bald on the back of my head and all though the sides so I find I i have to shave the top of my head, I hate using a razor with soap or shaing cream it burns,, so i even try using my hubby;s shaver, but find after that my head feels like its on fire. Does anyone have any better ideas on this matter?


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Obsessed with something else

Now that I know I will never get my hair back, I constantly finding myself obsessing with my skin, always adding lotion around the eyes so i dont get crow's feet, never used to wear much make-up before, now I find that I need the make-up EVERY DAY!!! so tis way I dont fel as ugly when i'm in my little facy turbans. beleve it or not it makes me feel pretty again, am I the only one woried about all that stuff, especially when i put lotion aound my eyes at least 3 times daily?

amd I going… Continue

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Life is full of challenges, but these challeges are only give to you, because God knows your faith is strong enough to get through tem!!
Yry to remember that when you feel down.

I hope everyone is having a happy ,hopeful dy today
God Bless!

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My day out

I had a wonderful day out yesterday, my sister finally got me to go for a drive with her and her husband, we drove through the country side, it was beautiful i can't remember the last time I ever let my house like that and it felt really good to get out.

I cane home I made us all dinner and we had a chat, my brother in law said to me, plz Lisa don;t feel you need to cover your head with anything just because I am here and my sister said the same thing, It was as if my heart pounded of joy… Continue

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Have a wonderful easter to evertone, love ya xox'

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many good friends

please feel free to add me on facebook at lisa lynn marin ilongbottom would love to see some of you there no need to post bld picttures but it;s nice to add some good friends

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Please read!

I just wanted to thank-all of you for all your support wether sad, wether happy, I am so happy to be apart of AW, i've many of you wo have the same problem as myself,Some painful stories and some stories of hope and have at times given me the courage to go on and deal with my allopecia.
I just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very wonderfyl Easter!!
I love yo all
<3 Lisa

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a pleasant day today !

So I went to my usually psychiatrist today, he put me on better meds to help me cope with my depression over hairloss. I told gim how insecure I am answering the door in my turban or for everytime someone sees me I have a total different wig on you know what he said to me," WHO CARES it's none of their business why you do those things, you are who you are and you neeed to be happy about that.

As we said goodbye he gave me a hug which normally never happens, but he did and told me "hang in… Continue

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