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Student with Alopecia takes the crown at local pageant

""Bald is beautiful" isn't just a motto for one Gilbert Middle School student— it's a lifestyle."

I recently came across this article on that I thought I would share with the community.

"Gracie Ann Roland was diagnosed with alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss from some or all areas of the body, a year ago."

"Rather than letting her…


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"The Male Model Who Lost His Hair" -

I recently came across an article on and pulled a few excepts:

 "Justin Hopwood's perfect looks helped him land a perfect career, traveling the world to model for Ralph Lauren. Then he was diagnosed with alopecia. What do you do when you lose your money-maker? Especially when that money-maker is a perfect head of hair? He's trying to figure that out."…


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"I created my own beauty standards"

It amazes me how many people share their stories and triumphs about their alopecia.  I recently found another one that I think the community would benefit from.


By Lennox Bishop

...Fast forward to a few weeks after I decided to shave off what remained of my hair—surrounded by friends and with many…


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CNN - Girl with alopecia wins competition with gorgeous jeweled head

Source:  CNN/ By Alexandra Larkin

I agree with this mother that it is important to support your children with alopecia and help them understand that they are no different than anyone else with or without hair.

(CNN)Even without hair, 7 year-old Gianessa Wride has managed to sparkle -- and win her Utah school's "Crazy Hair Day"…


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"Meet the inspiring woman embracing her alopecia, even on her wedding day"

I recently came across an article about Kylie Bamberger, a member of Alopecia World. Below are some excerpts I would like to share:

“Kylie Bamberger looks every bit the blushing bride in her wedding photos. She’s wearing a white ball gown, clutching a bouquet of…


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Use your difference

One of the groups on is called “Use Your Difference!" and it reminds me that there are many ways you can use your alopecia to help others.


For example, right here on, you can make it a habit to send a…


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Libby’s inspiring story of strength and love in overcoming the pain of hair loss

Charity Bailey, co-host of, is helping spread the word about women and alopecia by featuring the powerful story of her own sister's battle with the hair loss disease.…


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Another Alopecia World member in the spotlight!

 I love stories of triumph! 

One of our members Caroline, was featured in a photography project "30 days of Gorgeous" by Toma Houston Photography.



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It may not be easy, but is it worth the courage?

My husband had a life-long fear of large bodies of water. Recently, however, at almost 50 years old, he learned to swim. Within two weeks of his first stride, he was ready to show other family members what he learned so that they too could swim. Watching him has been exhilarating. It took courage: In order to float, you must let go, breathe, and allow the water to take over. At first you sink, then all of a sudden, almost magically, you start to float to the surface.

It was an…


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Four Women Bond Over the Beauty in Their Baldness

I recently came across the below article in the New York Times:

"Four Women Bond Over the Beauty in Their Baldness"

A few Excerpts from the article:…


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Actress Viola Davis reveals battle with alopecia

According to an interview with Vulture that I found on, actress Viola Davis struggles with alopecia. 

Many have noted that there seems to be an error in the article: The fact that stress does not cause alopecia, but may trigger it.

Viola Davis is a natural beauty, but there was a time when the actress really struggled with revealing what was…


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Calling all Alopecians—Help Sasha secure a spot in the Once Upon a Tutu calendar

Sasha mother wrote me and said:

"This is my gorgeous girl sasha aged 4, the way she handles her alopecia is inspiring and brave and makes me so proud to be her mummy.

My wee girlie is currently in a competition to be Once Upon a Tutu calendar girl on Facebook I am hoping people could please vote for my gorgeous girl.

To vote go to once…


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"Gotham’s” Anthony Carrigan talks acting, alopecia, and learning to love his look

I recently came across this interview on and thought I would share it with

The alopecian actor stopped by BuzzFeed to share his thoughts on body positivity.

You’d recognize Anthony Carrigan if you saw him on TV, right? Not necessarily. The up-and-coming actor has been popping up in…


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My alopecia has prepared me for this

As my 50th birthday approached, I occasionally thought about the fact that much was about to change for me. I struggled with the thoughts of impending possibilities such as weight gain, wrinkles, aches and pains, and the gradual waning of my physical abilities. But I also thought about my journey with alopecia over the past 24 years.

With alopecia the questions were…


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Girl bullied after cutting hair short to donate to charity

Fox News reported:

An Ohio mother is speaking out after she says her 10-year-old daughter was bullied at school because she cut her hair short to donate it to charity.

 FOX45 reported Tuesday that Jetta Fosburg decided on her own to cut 14 inches off of her long blonde hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids, a charity that helps children with cancer and other hair loss issues.

“I have some family members who have cancer so I thought it was the right thing to…


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Your presence may mean far more than you think

Recently, a mother whose beautiful young daughter has alopecia said to me, "I always tell my daughter that you are her twin. I tell her when she grows up, she's going to look like you."

The emotions that statement elicited in me were very strong: I was honored and extremely humbled.

Our reach as alopecians is far beyond us. We may be just living our lives and, at the same time, encouraging a neighbor, a person on our morning commute, or perhaps someone we least…


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Rob Ryan denied head coaching jobs because of his hair?

In January 2014, reported:

"If you got it, flaunt it. But not when it comes to long hair for NFL coaches, apparently.

"According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will have to cut his long locks before being considered for a head coaching gig in the NFL.

"After 'mistakenly'…


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"Beautiful Henna crowns bring confidence and joy to women experiencing hair loss"

I recently came across the below article on the Huffington Post website:

"One organization is using all-natural ingredients and artistry to help women coping with hair loss.

Henna Heals was started by Canadian photographer Frances Darwin in 2011 as a small group of volunteers in Toronto, and has since grown to a community of 150 artists worldwide. Those…


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Girl banned from school for shaving head

ABC News reported:

A 9-year-old girl from Grand Junction, Colorado will be allowed to return to school after being banned for shaving her head.



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The angry art of alopecian superhero artist David Finch


I recently read an article about David Finch, an alopecian super hero artist.  When asked about his emotional details in his drawings Finch responded:

"It does come from both personal…


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